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Low T

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women — It’s Not Just for Men Anymore

When we mention testosterone replacement therapy for women, many people do a double-take — it’s as though we’ve said something contradictory. Of course, estrogen and progesterone are drastically affected by age-related menopausal change, so they are most often associated with women’s hormone imbalances — rightly so, since every woman will eventually go through that physical…

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Low T and Heart Disease — Should I Be Concerned?

Clients sometimes express concern about a rumored connection between Low T and heart disease. Obviously, any possible health risks surrounding potential treatment related side-effects need to be investigated thoroughly. So, let’s dig into the issue. Low T and heart disease — what’s the connection, and should you be concerned? Low Testosterone and Its Effect on…

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men — You Don’t Have to Live with Low T Symptoms

If you’re one of the many men suffering from the symptoms of hypogonadism (the medical term for low testosterone), then you’re probably considering testosterone replacement therapy — for many men, it’s a treatment that can balance hormones and help men feel like themselves again. Low testosterone is a common problem. In fact, the number of…

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Primary Hypogonadism and Primary Testicular Failure

While hypogonadism sounds like a horrible, disfiguring illness, it’s actually the medical term for low testosterone. This rather common and treatable condition is broken down into two types — primary hypogonadism and secondary hypogonadism. Secondary hypogonadism could be thought of as crossed wires or a problem with your body’s operating system — your biochemical communication…

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