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Men’s Health

TRT and Body Building — Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is no Magic Bullet

TRT only helps body builders to get back to their normal level of muscle building — it's not a way to cheat. Learn more.

If you’re on a schedule of medically supervised testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), body building may suddenly become a hobby that you’re interested in. This isn’t uncommon. Many men who never thought much about lifting weights, or who haven’t lifted in years or decades, get back into lifting in a big way once they’ve addressed the…

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TRT and Cancer — There’s No Cause for Alarm

When you're on TRT, cancer, including prostate cancer, like the cancer cells pictured here, can be a concern, but there's no cause for alarm — here's why.

When a potential patient begins to look into testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), cancer and other possible side effects will certainly be mentioned in the information available. We always want to be sure you have the facts. At Testosterone Centers of Texas, your health and safety come first, so we are always prepared to discuss any…

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Testosterone Replacement and Fertility

Couple in consultation at IVF clinic — testosterone replacement and fertility

When we talk about testosterone replacement and fertility in men, it’s important to understand more about the role of testosterone in reproduction. Testosterone Replacement and Fertility — The Benefits to Sexual Function For starters, your issues may be related to sexual performance rather than a low sperm count, and in this way, there is definitely…

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Fertility Shots for Men and Women — Just the Basics

Fertility shots for men and women — woman preparing to receive fertility shot

Fertility shots or injections, for both men and women, can be a subject fraught with misinformation, fear, and anxiety. There’s a lot on the line when you’re attempting fertility treatments — it’s not simply the money (although that is definitely a concern, as these fertility shots can often be prohibitively expensive), but it’s how much is…

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