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Men’s Health

Testosterone Replacement and Fertility

Couple in consultation at IVF clinic — testosterone replacement and fertility

When we talk about testosterone replacement and fertility in men, it’s important to understand more about the role of testosterone in reproduction. Testosterone Replacement and Fertility — The Benefits to Sexual Function For starters, your issues may be related to sexual performance rather than a low sperm count, and in this way, there is definitely…

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Fertility Shots for Men and Women — Just the Basics

Fertility shots for men and women — woman preparing to receive fertility shot

Fertility shots or injections, for both men and women, can be a subject fraught with misinformation, fear, and anxiety. There’s a lot on the line when you’re attempting fertility treatments — it’s not simply the money (although that is definitely a concern, as these fertility shots can often be prohibitively expensive), but it’s how much is…

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Andropause Symptoms — Andropause Is not Low Testosterone, and It’s not the Same as Menopause

Andropause symptoms — man holding head and looking down on black background

Before we talk about andropause symptoms, I want to address a deeper issue. Andropause is a very popular, and misunderstood, term being used these days. Andropause symptoms are supposedly very similar to (if not identical to) low testosterone. I just want to say right here that andropause (also known as “manopause”) and low testosterone are…

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What Does Testosterone Do? Why Your Body Needs Testosterone, No Matter Your Sex

What does testosterone do? The word "Testosterone" on a tablet computer along with chemical symbols.

There may be no hormone more important to a man’s body than testosterone, but what does testosterone do? What role does it play in your body? Let’s discuss. What Does Testosterone Do? First, Let’s Talk About Where Testosterone Comes From I’ve addressed this topic before (you can read the entire article about where testosterone comes…

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