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Science of TRT

TRT and Cancer — There’s No Cause for Alarm

When you're on TRT, cancer, including prostate cancer, like the cancer cells pictured here, can be a concern, but there's no cause for alarm — here's why.

When a potential patient begins to look into testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), cancer and other possible side effects will certainly be mentioned in the information available. We always want to be sure you have the facts. At Testosterone Centers of Texas, your health and safety come first, so we are always prepared to discuss any…

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men — You Don’t Have to Live with Low T Symptoms

If you’re one of the many men suffering from the symptoms of hypogonadism (the medical term for low testosterone), then you’re probably considering testosterone replacement therapy — for many men, it’s a treatment that can balance hormones and help men feel like themselves again. Low testosterone is a common problem. In fact, the number of…

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What Are Bioidentical Hormones? Are They Really Better?

What are bioidentical hormones — Handsome businessman with eyeglasses working from home

What are bioidentical hormones? In simple terms, “bioidentical” refers to how closely a medication or other compound matches its biological counterpart. We’re talking about molecules and biochemistry. It sounds really impressive. Modern pharmaceutical companies have tried to produce hormones that are identical to the hormones that naturally occur in your body for use in TRT…

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Does Running Increase Testosterone?

Does running increase testosterone? Two men running at sunrise in shadow.

We know that exercise does a lot for our bodies, but does running increase testosterone? It’s almost never a simple answer when we’re talking about hormones. Does Running Increase Testosterone? Exercise Releases a Lot of Hormones Exercise, including running, does so many positive things for our bodies. It controls our weight and improves how we…

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Hair Loss Myths — 3 Stupid Male Hair Loss Myths You Should Completely Ignore

Testosterone Hair Loss Myths — Man checking potential hair loss in mirror

Though I’ve written about hair loss myths for men before, especially myths surrounding testosterone replacement therapy, I want to approach it from a different angle and discuss a variety of hair loss myths, not just those related to testosterone. However, since the myth about hair loss and testosterone is so persistent, I’m going to discuss…

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Testosterone and Diet — How to Regulate Your Testosterone Levels With the Food You Do (and Don’t) Eat

Testosterone and diet — diet plan next to a salad, apple, and measuring tape on wooden background

Though testosterone and diet are connected, and though you can, to an extent, regulate your hormone levels through dietary choices, I want to make something really clear: If you suffer from clinically diagnosed low testosterone, a form of hypogonadism, it is unlikely that dietary choices are going to return your hormone levels to normal. It…

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OTC Testosterone — The Real Problem With Over the Counter (OTC) Testosterone Supplements

OTC Testosterone — brown bottle with spilled white pills

OTC testosterone supplements are something we recommend against for all of our clients. The reason is pretty straightforward: not only do they not work, but they may actually be dangerous. These supplements are marketed as a cheap to not-so-cheap way to increase testosterone while still being effective, but that’s just not accurate. Believe me, I…

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