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Side Effects

Therapy for Low Testosterone and Gynecomastia — Should I Be Worried?

Patients are sometimes concerned about the possible side-effects of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), including the potential correlation between supplementary testosterone and gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is enlargement of the male breast tissue, a condition that’s commonly referred to as “man boobs,” an undesirable physical side effect that understandably threatens men’s sexuality and identity. Let’s discuss the causes…

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The Best Exercise for Hormonal Imbalance in Women

best exercise for hormonal imbalance

If you’re looking for advice on the best exercise for a hormonal imbalance, there’s a lot of information available to sift through. Trying to make sense of all the health-related information available can be really confusing and frustrating. So, let’s consider some background information before we offer suggestions on specific exercises that can balance your…

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Side Effects of Testosterone Injections in Women

side effects of testosterone injections in women

What are the side effects of testosterone injections in women? First, it is important to establish a baseline understanding of side effects and medical treatment. Every form of medical intervention comes with possible side effects and inherent risks. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not an exception. Minimizing Side Effects of Testosterone — Injections in Women (and…

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Testosterone Replacement and Fertility

Couple in consultation at IVF clinic — testosterone replacement and fertility

When we talk about testosterone replacement and fertility in men, it’s important to understand more about the role of testosterone in reproduction. Testosterone Replacement and Fertility — The Benefits to Sexual Function For starters, your issues may be related to sexual performance rather than a low sperm count, and in this way, there is definitely…

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Hair Loss Myths — 3 Stupid Male Hair Loss Myths You Should Completely Ignore

Testosterone Hair Loss Myths — Man checking potential hair loss in mirror

Though I’ve written about hair loss myths for men before, especially myths surrounding testosterone replacement therapy, I want to approach it from a different angle and discuss a variety of hair loss myths, not just those related to testosterone. However, since the myth about hair loss and testosterone is so persistent, I’m going to discuss…

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Baldness and Testosterone — Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cause Baldness?

Baldness and testosterone — middle-aged man with gray hair looking at his thinning hair

Baldness and testosterone have been associated with each other for literally thousands of years. Going as far back as the ancient Greeks, people thought that baldness was a sign of excessive testosterone. Though of course they didn’t know about testosterone, they associated baldness with a variety of traits which we today associate with high testosterone…

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