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The Low T Scam?

With all of the press about the treatment of low testosterone and the role it plays in men’s health, many are beginning to wonder, “Is Low T a scam?” The answer is, “No, Low T is not a scam.” Low testosterone levels can wreak havoc on a man’s physical and emotional well-being. It can affect…

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Can Your PSA Be Too Low?

A recent article from RenalAndUrologyNews.com brings up an interesting fact about the relationship between Low T (testosterone deficiency) and your PSA (prostate specific antigen). While the awareness of prostate cancer and the importance of having your PSA checked has long since become general knowledge for most men, little if any attention has been paid to…

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Firefighters and Low T

As a former firefighter/paramedic, the fire service remains near and dear to my heart. Because of what I do now, Low T and its effects are constantly on my mind. The author explores how Low T might be affecting those who protect our communities every day. I appreciate greatly the conservative approach this piece takes…

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