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4 Powerful Benefits of hCG Therapy

When men begin to investigate testosterone replacement therapy, they usually come across hCG. The benefits of hCG for men are primarily found in hCG’s ability to maintain fertility while boosting testosterone levels, but there are other benefits to hCG therapy beyond these.

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hCG is a pro-hormone (a hormone that encourages the production of other hormones in the body) that naturally occurs in the bodies pregnant women. It’s the hormone that pregnancy tests identify to indicate conception, which is why you may hear some people refer to it as the “pregnancy hormone.”

hCG has been marketed for weight loss for decades, ever since Dr. A. T. W. Simeon promoted injections of the hormone as a fat burning aid in 1954.

In recent years, hCG popularity has seen a resurgence — it’s often used in conjunction with weight loss plans and testosterone replacement therapies.

hCG can benefit your health in a number of ways — here are 4 important ones to keep in mind.

1. hCG Can Help You Lose Weight

When coupled with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, hCG injections can help patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Along with weight loss on the scale, hCG may also help lower cholesterol and while simultaneously changing your weight distribution.

hCG is purported to slim so-called “problem areas,” such as the mid-section, arms, and thighs. In that way, hCG may benefit men who are looking to achieve a more well-proportioned body. Even if you aren’t losing much weight, you may find that the weight itself is more evenly (and more attractively) distributed.

Lower cholesterol can improve your cardiovascular health and keep your blood pressure at a more optimum level, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

However, hCG diets almost exclusively require a very low calorie diet (VLCD). This is defined as a diet of less than 800 calories per day, but most diets actually require participants to lower their consumption to 500 calories per day. There is much debate about whether it’s the hCG or the VLCD that contribute the most to weight loss.

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2. hCG Can Maintain Testicular Function During Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Beyond improving your physique, hCG benefits include slightly increased fertility for men undergoing TRT — men can use hCG to maintain fertility while simultaneously addressing the effects of low testosterone.

The hCG hormone helps to increase sperm count, which increases the chances for men to successfully impregnate their partners.

However, deciding on the right combination of testosterone and hCG for you is a complicated process because every person’s body is uniquely complex. That means maintaining the proper balance is not a simple matter — your hormones often play a very important role within many of your body’s critical processes.

Simply adding a single hormone to the mix could possibly disturb the balance further and cause more problems than it fixes, so precision is required.

Instead, combination therapy — an injection of hCG combined with your normal testosterone injection once a week — is often the recommended course. This can curtail testicular atrophy, and it may have a protective effect on fertility.

(A side note — intramuscular hCG injections can be used to trigger ovulation in women, and prolonged use can help women prepare for pregnancy.)

3. hCG Can Help Improve Performance at the Gym

Having a lower body weight means you can enjoy improved performance and endurance while working out — you can last longer at the gym and maximize your workouts.

hCG also benefits muscle mass retention, working against the muscle loss that comes as a consequence of sticking to a low-calorie diet — you can slow muscle breakdown without sabotaging your weight loss goals in the process.

In many cases, athletes take low doses of hCG as a safer alternative to steroids.  Prolonged steroid use can shrink the testicles, which causes lowered testosterone and sperm production, but hCG use stimulates the same receptors as luteinizing hormone (LH), which is the natural chemical messenger that tells the testes to make testosterone.

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4. hCG Can Be Taken as Either Injections or Oral Drops

hCG is conveniently available to its consumers in prescription grade injections or as oral drops.

Having multiple methods to administer hCG benefits a variety of people who have different goals. Your physique generally determines which form is right for you.

Depending on the recommendations of your testosterone replacement therapy provider, hCG injections may be recommended to preserve fertility. However, if you’re simply taking hCG to lose weight, you may find that the oral drops are more convenient and painless.

Learn More About How hCG Benefits Men Suffering From Low T

Every man’s system is unique, and combination treatments may be necessary for some individuals — hCG is often prescribed when a patient experiences unusual side effects caused by supplemental testosterone, or it may be used when men feel it’s important to maintain fertility while still treating the symptoms of low testosterone.

If you’d like more information about how hCG benefits men suffering from low testosterone, click the button below.


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