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Healthy Food Choices — 3 Foods That Boost Testosterone

Healthy food choices—they sometimes seem impossible. The grocery store can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve got 3 great healthy food choices for you that you can quickly and easily add to your diet (without draining the wallet).

healthy food choices

Tuna—The King of Healthy Food Choices

Nothing screams healthy quite like Tuna (at least, in moderation). Tuna is great for so many reasons. First, Tuna is chock full of vitamin D, which makes it excellent for boosting testosterone naturally. (For more info on how vitamin D helps to boost your testosterone levels, read our post on 5 other great healthy food choices.)

Second, Tuna has tons of protein in it without much else. Your body requires a lot more energy to break down protein, meaning you gain less weight from eating protein than carbs or fat. Boost your testosterone and your weight loss by adding tuna to your diet.

Eating tuna about 1 time a week is considered safe for adults (keeps mercury levels low). Eating canned light tuna is probably your best bet to combat mercury concerns.

Don’t let worries about mercury keep you away from seafood, though! Seafood is one of those healthy food choices that just blows everything else out of the water. Many doctors agree that the benefits of seafood far outweigh the risks.

The best part is, tuna is cheap! Canned tuna is especially healthy (make sure it’s canned in water) and can cost below 1 dollar a can in some cases. Add tuna to your diet, and your wallet and body will slap you a high five.

Eggs, Yolk and All

Scientists and doctors have been debating healthy food choices for decades, and eggs are no exception. The debate seems to be over at this point, and the verdict is in—eggs are really good for you!

As long as you’re keeping a close eye on your cholesterol, eating an egg (yolk included) once a day can be a great addition to your diet. Egg whites have always been fantastic for your body (high protein, low cholesterol), but it’s possible the yolk can help as well by boosting testosterone levels. Throw in the vitamin D that all yolks have, and you’ve got a wonderful food for increasing testosterone levels. It’s one of those healthy food choices that you just can’t beat—low cal, high nutrients, and easy on the pocketbook.

One egg a day should do the body good, but don’t be afraid to save up your eggs throughout the week and turn them into an actual meal. Honestly, who is eating one egg at a time?

Almonds—Magnesium For the Win

It’s one of those healthy food choices that you don’t really think about because they’re not usually a large source of calories. However, almonds contain a high level of magnesium (105mg in a ¼ of a cup) that can help boost your testosterone levels. Magnesium has been shown to boost testosterone levels, both in athletes and in people of the more sedentary persuasion.

Try bringing a bag of almonds to work to snack on, or sprinkle them on a salad. It doesn’t take much to increase your intake of magnesium. This is one of those healthy food choices that isn’t hard on your bank account either! You can get 3 pounds for about 20 bucks, which is probably a year’s worth of almonds.

Only You Can Make Healthy Food Choices

At the end of the day, you’re responsible for what you put in your body. You don’t have to spend a lot of money (or even put in a lot of effort) to make healthy food choices today. Be proactive about choosing healthy foods to stock the kitchen, and your body will thank you later.

However, food alone isn’t going to boost testosterone levels if you suffer from hypogonadism (Low T). Click here to find out how testosterone shots can help you get your testosterone levels back to normal.



(Augie) Juan Augustine Galindo Jr. MPAS, PA-C

(Augie) Juan Augustine Galindo Jr. MPAS, PA-C started his career in healthcare as a fireman/paramedic in West Texas where he served on the Midland Fire Department from 1998-2004.   He became interested in testosterone treatment after seeing how hormone replacement doctors helped those suffering from low testosterone.   After graduating from the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Physician Assistant Program, he moved to DFW where he currently lives with his wife and three children.

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