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Has Low T Become the Center of Your Life?

sadmanMany things change as you age, and health issues like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and even Low T can take center stage. Suddenly you have to start watching your carbs and counting calories. You have to make more time for exercise, because your “usual workout” doesn’t seem to help anymore. Perhaps you are just feeling constantly fatigued or you are experiencing a flatlining sex drive.

The symptoms of low testosterone are many, but, so are the benefits. The problem is that these issues are often overlooked by primary care providers at annual physicals or sick visits. This is where a center specializing in Low T treatment can be a great asset.

How Can A Low T Center Help Me?

When men get older, their bodies naturally produce less testosterone. This should happen gradually, however, disease, medications, bad habits, and chemical or environmental exposures have changed this natural, slow course into a rapid and downward spiral. Many men are experiencing low levels in their thirties, and by forty it is estimated that roughly half of men suffer from low testosterone symptoms such as:

  • Energy Loss – Maybe you are used to being on the go all the time, but you may find yourself becoming more easily tired. Men with Low T might also realize that they are using more stimulants than they previously have, including coffee.

  • Depression – Although we usually characterize depression with sadness, it can often manifest in men as unusual and/or unreasonable anger and aggression where aggressiveness was previously not part of his personality.

  • Hair Loss – Some men will naturally lose their body hair, but this often only begins happening as testosterone production slows. You may notice a thinning of hair on other parts of your body as well, including your eyebrows.

  • Loss of Muscle and Weight Gain – Men with Low T might notice that they’ve put on a few pounds even though they haven’t changed their diet or exercise regimens. You might also notice that your muscle definition may be slowly disappearing.

  • Sexual Dysfunction – Low T can cause men to have lower sex drives as well as trouble achieving and maintaining erections. It can also make achieving orgasm difficult.

 Low T Treatment Centers Can Help!

For many men, Low T and its symptoms can take over their lives. Some men feel that they are losing their masculinity, others see these symptoms as proof of their own mortality – a biological “midlife crisis.”

Some men, not recognizing these symptoms for what they are, may begin to overcompensate. Some buy fancy sports cars, some hit the gym, often with little success. For some men, the answer they think they are seeking is younger, attractive women and may end up being unfaithful to their wives and ruining long, happy marriages.

What Can You Do About Low T?

If you’ve begun to see these symptoms, know that there is help. Medical professionals at Testosterone Center of Texas can perform tests to determine if your problem is, in fact, Low T – you just have to be willing to be open and honest when discussing your symptoms.

With the right treatment, you should soon see a return in vitality and can relax and watch your life return to normal, safely. You do not have to suffer in silence, if you live in Coppell, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Denton, Frisco, Plano, or anywhere in DFW, come by one of TCT’s Low T treatment centers today for your free consultation! 






(Augie) Juan Augustine Galindo Jr. MPAS, PA-C

(Augie) Juan Augustine Galindo Jr. MPAS, PA-C started his career in healthcare as a fireman/paramedic in West Texas where he served on the Midland Fire Department from 1998-2004.   He became interested in testosterone treatment after seeing how hormone replacement doctors helped those suffering from low testosterone.   After graduating from the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Physician Assistant Program, he moved to DFW where he currently lives with his wife and three children.

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