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Low T Treatment — The Science of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)



3d illustration molecule of testosterone — how to decrease testosterone in femalesProper Low T treatment is more complex than some television commercials or hyped-up radio ads may lead you to believe.

There are plenty of facilities and businesses that tell you that they have the answer to your Low T woes through their own brand of Low T treatment.

The fact of the matter is that therapy, when done right, requires the diligent tenacity one would put toward any other serious medical issue.

We aren’t just drawing blood and giving shots. At TCT, we take a comprehensive approach to Low T treatment. Our goal is to improve the overall health of our patients in a medically sound and effective manner while still respecting your time.

Low T Treatment and TRT that is Medically Ethical

We have formed our protocols on the principles of evidence-based medicine. That means that we study our craft. We continually seek to deepen our knowledge base.

In essence, our providers strive for the highest levels of understanding and training in order to provide the most comprehensive level of care.

The moniker “Low T” may be new, but the condition of hypogonadism is not. Decades of research on are available for study, but also there are some very important areas of Low T treatment being studied right here and now.

It is important to stay updated on these new developments in the realm of Low T treatment and it is even more important to evaluate that data critically and thoroughly.

This is precisely what we do at Testosterone Centers of Texas—look at the data, evaluate the studies, and use this information to improve our practice.

To be considered a candidate for Low T treatment, a patient must have both verifiable low testosterone levels and quantifiable negative symptoms.

From the time of your diagnosis onward, your symptoms and our dedication to your safety guide our treatment plan. We put your safety above everything, beginning with the initiation of treatment on through your ongoing Low T treatment.

The basis of our regimen is structured on recommendations from The Endocrine Society (a healthy read if you are up for it).

By assimilating information that has been proven in the academic and clinical fields, we are able to tailor plans that meet the unique individual demands of each of our patients.

Throughout all of this, we remain committed to the practice of good medicine and precise Low T treatment.

The Impact of Low T Treatment

It’s not just about testosterone: your body and your health is dependent upon a near-endless list of factors influenced or impacted by your testosterone levels.

For instance, your thyroid could be under-functioning; the hormones secreted by your pituitary gland that are under the control of your hypothalamus may be poorly regulated; your estradiol levels may require treatment; even your diabetes and weight problems could be compounded Low T.

Essentially, you want to be treated in a medical practice, not just the “testosterone shop” down the road. You’ll find that kind of care at Testosterone Centers of Texas.

When I say that TRT, or Low T treatment, is more complex than it may seem, understand that we have done our homework.

We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss the any questions you may have about therapy. Don’t trust these delicate matters to just anyone.

TRT is both an art and a science; put your trust in reliable medical professionals. Click here to contact us today about your treatment options



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