Jeff H

I showed up to one of their clinics one day without an appointment. I had heard all the commercials on the radio regarding Low T and some of the symptoms sounded very familiar to me. My plan was to just talk to the receptionist and schedule an appointment but one of their providers spent some time with me, free of charge. He explained the symptoms, potential benefits, risks, how they go about diagnosing the problem and all of the various treatment options available to me (if indeed treatment was actually indicated). I was encouraged to take some time and think about our discussion. When I returned a couple of weeks later, sure enough, they diagnosed my problem and I feel better than I have in years. I have returned to exercising regularly and I’m finally seeing the results that I feel I deserve. My wife and friends have noticed as well and I’m getting compliments all the time. You think you have several options when it comes to who will treat your Low T problem but in my opinion, TCT is the only way to go.”
— Jeff H.