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Testosterone Cypionate Injection — The Most Effective Method of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Though some patients may benefit from topical testosterone preparations, we find that the majority of our clients, both men and women, benefit most from a once-a-week testosterone cypionate injection.

Genderless person receiving testosterone cypionate injection. Testosterone cypionate injections work for both men and women — click to learn more.

There are several reasons for this, which I’ll get into in a minute, but first, I’d like you to watch this short video about the benefits of a testosterone cypionate injection schedule over other forms of testosterone replacement therapy.

The Most Effective Testosterone Replacement Options On The Market

Why A Weekly Testosterone Cypionate Injection Schedule Is Superior to Topical Preparations or Implantable Pellets

To summarize my points in the video:


  • Still carry the same risks of therapy (i.e. the same risks as a testosterone cypionate injection schedule or implantable pellets)
  • Are expensive
  • Are often uncovered by insurance
  • Are often not absorbed properly (or, for some people, are not absorbed at all)
  • Often do not reach proper therapeutic levels (because they’re not being absorbed)
  • Can be accidentally absorbed by other people, often family members
  • Must be applied daily
  • Can be applied at home, and so are often seen as much more convenient
  • Is FDA approved

Pellets (Not Recommended)

  • Generally do not work as advertised
  • Can be extruded by your body
  • Do not have a proper time-release mechanism, leading to testosterone levels that are too high for the first month (inviting risk) and levels that are too low a few months later (so not addressing symptoms)
  • Not covered by insurance
  • Not FDA approved

A Weekly Testosterone Cypionate Injection

  • Increases levels quickly
  • Keeps testosterone levels from going too high or dipping too low
  • Is FDA approved
  • Addresses symptoms while limiting risk

Bottom Line: A Testosterone Cypionate Injection Schedule Is the Best Therapy We Have Right Now for Low Testosterone

You can probably see why we favor injections, both for men and for women, but I can understand why this doesn’t work for everyone — coming into the office once a week for an injection can be a burden, which is why we work hard to get you in and out for your weekly injection as quickly as possible.

Still, for some, this burden can be insurmountable, and for some, gels or other topical preparations can absolutely work if managed carefully and appropriately. However, if you are in regular contact with other people, especially at home, topicals may not be a good option.

As far as implantable pellets are concerned, this would be the best option if they worked as advertised.

Unfortunately, pellets are very much in a hit-or-miss stage of development. Because a large pharmaceutical company has not invested in them, the only way to get implantable testosterone pellets is from a compounding pharmacy.

Until very recently, compounding pharmacies could vary widely in quality, which meant that some pellets might work as advertised and others would not.

Now, thanks to new regulations on compounding pharmacies by the FDA, it’s possible that this may change and that the quality of pellets may improve. However, for the moment, we still recommend against pellets.

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Testosterone replacement therapy doesn’t have to be a burden, and the benefits can be profound.

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(Augie) Juan Augustine Galindo Jr. MPAS, PA-C

(Augie) Juan Augustine Galindo Jr. MPAS, PA-C started his career in healthcare as a fireman/paramedic in West Texas where he served on the Midland Fire Department from 1998-2004.   He became interested in testosterone treatment after seeing how hormone replacement doctors helped those suffering from low testosterone.   After graduating from the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Physician Assistant Program, he moved to DFW where he currently lives with his wife and three children.


  1. Glenn on 04/04/2017 at 6:41 pm

    I have been on injection therapy for 3 years and have injections once a week. The problem is I have sometimes high anxiety the night of the shot that wakes me out of sleep into a panic attack. I wondered if I should go back on the gel which I have taken previous without this problem. What are your thoughts?

    • Augie Galindo on 04/13/2017 at 6:34 pm


      That’s not something that’s ever been reported to me by patients on injections or topicals, but the timing does seem difficult to ignore. I typically see lower side effects with injections. Perhaps dosing should be adjusted.

      Best regards,
      Augie Galindo MPAS, PA-C
      Testosterone Centers of Texas | Founding Partner

      • Glenn Bahler on 04/13/2017 at 6:46 pm

        Yes it better when I lower the dose but then the levels become too low to be effective for me. It is kind of a tight rope walk. I am not surprised that you have not seen this problem before many meds I have tried for depression and anxiety have sent my anxiety through the roof and causing issues that the doctors have not seen before. I am extremely sensitive to any medication maybe that is an issue in itself. I will continue to read any updates that come through your publication. Thanks Glenn

        • Augie Galindo on 04/15/2017 at 12:25 pm


          You are very welcome, best of luck to you!


          Well, the short answer is, yes. The real answer is, somewhat, but it’s complicated. There is no perfect study done in this area. What we know: testosterone suppresses fertility AND hCG promotes fertility. There is no evidence that supports a measured way to estimate the amount of influence of either drug as it relates to fertility. So, I can hazard a guess, but ultimately I can’t say whether the suppression or protection is an 8% or 88% proposition.

          On the flip side, I do have anecdotal evidence, the cumulative information on every TRT forum on the web, and clinical and personal experience. My gym partners from my early 20’s abused anabolics, with whopping doses of a multitude of drugs no less. I still know these guys, and now, in their late 30’s and early 40’s, they all have kids. There kids are just as ugly as they are, I KNOW they are their kids. You can read on forums about a multitude or patients on TRT with hCG who have successfully fathered children. I have seen the same in my practice. And, finally, I have been on TRT for years and I have a two year old who was conceived, without a hint of difficulty, while on TRT with hCG.

          The only definitive way to measure effect is to submit for semen analysis pre and post treatment. The use of hCG will NOT completely eliminate the risk of infertility, but I do think it mitigates it quite well.

          Best regards,
          Augie Galindo MPAS, PA-C
          Testosterone Centers of Texas | Founding Partner

  2. jim on 04/05/2017 at 5:49 pm

    What if you split the Cyp dose in 2 equal injections per week instead of one injection per week? What kind of affect will that have? Is that a waste?

    • Augie Galindo on 04/13/2017 at 6:46 pm


      That depends on your individual body chemistry. I have had several patients trial this, and only a select few have decided to stick with it. It seems that the higher peak has more benefits than the lower trough has downsides.

      Best regards,
      Augie Galindo MPAS, PA-C
      Testosterone Centers of Texas | Founding Partner

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