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Testosterone Centers of Texas focuses primarily on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for Low T in men, but our top priority is your overall health — and that can often mean treatment that goes beyond simple TRT.

If you suffer from low testosterone, we can help, but we also help with erectile dysfunction and even the maintenance of fertility during TRT. All treatment programs are customized for you and your body, meaning that no two treatment regimens are the same.

For instance, some men may have their therapy altered to specifically address a loss of libido, while others may have deficiencies in other hormones that require supplementation beyond testosterone. Some men need to take an estrogen blocker, some do not — some men may need to try different medications to preserve their fertility, while for others this will be a non-issue.

Whatever your needs, we’ll determine what’s best for your body through a series of blood tests and consultations to check not only hormone levels, but also your symptoms and how you’re responding to treatment.

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The Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Process for Men

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