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Many treatment options for low testosterone exist, but we tailor treatment to your specific testosterone levels and needs.

We will always work hard to provide superior service that places solid patient care atop a long list of priorities — while also keeping our standards high.

That’s why we usually only recommend one of a few different treatment options for low testosterone — we want to make sure you get the best treatment possible

That usually means testosterone injections for both men and women; however, we sometimes recommend topicals for specific situations.

With your Free Low T Consultation at TCT, you receive personalized care that improves your quality of life without sacrificing your overall health — all in an efficient and streamlined manner.

It is always important to consider both the risks and benefits of all the treatment options for your low testosterone — we are happy to discuss all of it with you.

Low testosterone is a medical condition requiring careful treatment, just like any other health problem. Make sure that you are comfortable with the knowledge base and plan of action outlined for you.

Treatment Options For Low Testosterone Tailored To Your Needs

At TCT, we take great care to ensure that you are on the right treatment, and for the right reasons. For each individual, we seek to improve your quality of life, to do so in a safe manner, and to be respectful of the time you invest.

We know that you have several treatment options for low testosterone, and that is why we consistently commit to providing the best care possible.

Your safety and your optimal response come first. We have three conveniently located clinics in Lewisville, Hurst, and Frisco, and we can have answers about your testosterone levels in only a few days.

We believe that men and women who suffer from the symptoms of Low T should expect a high level of care and expertise alongside affordability of treatment.

We offer a free Low T Consultation for prospective patients and we never rule out any safe or proven treatment options for your low testosterone.

You can call or come by at any time to speak with one of our knowledgeable providers about your symptoms and whether or not TRT might be right for you.

Fill out the form to schedule your free consultation and someone will be in contact with you shortly to set up a consultation. We’ll discuss all your treatment options for your low testosterone during the consultation.