Treatment for ED


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Erectile dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone often co-occur, which means that proper treatment for ED may work best in such cases when it includes testosterone replacement therapy.

For many patients, the immediacy of finding treatment for ED far outweighs any thought of even researching low testosterone—the ED problem is urgent, a possible low testosterone diagnosis may not be.

Treatment for ED

However, we have found that the best treatment for ED can often include testosterone replacement therapy.

Clearly, this is only truly effective for men who have low levels of testosterone—no one should be taking testosterone who is not suffering from hypogonadism (low testosterone levels, or Low T).

However, what many men are surprised to find is that treatment of ED with drugs like sildenafil (Viagra) is not always effective, and that sometimes adding testosterone can increase the effectiveness of these drugs.

In fact, there are numerous studies showing that the addition of testosterone to a more traditional ED treatment can be quite effective.

For our patients who are suffering from both erectile dysfunction and low testosterone, we recommend compounded versions of common erectile dysfunction drugs, in addition to testosterone replacement therapy.

Low T and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

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Avoid Online Pharmacies

One of the biggest problems with treating erectile dysfunction is that the drugs are prohibitively expensive. The majority of these drugs are only available in a brand name format—generic forms of many of these drugs simply don’t exist.

Many patients who are suffering and looking for a more cost-effective treatment for ED will turn to online pharmacies for these “generic,” or even “knock-off,” versions of common erectile dysfunction drugs. These patients are generally being misled by these companies.

We cannot provide manufactured generic forms of these drugs (because they don’t exist). You will need to purchase compounded versions of these drugs from a certified compounding pharmacy.

Compounded Forms of Common ED Drugs

A compounding pharmacy can create compounded versions of the most common erectile dysfunction drugs, like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

The compounded forms of these drugs are generally the same medications as the brand name versions, and they provide very similar treatment for ED as the brand name versions do—however, because they are compounded and not mass-manufactured, there are some differences.

The doses of these compounded medications vary in comparison to the doses of the brand name medications, and the delivery method is a sublingual (given under the tongue) troche, instead of a pill.

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