TRT for Low T in Women


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There’s a mistaken conception out in the world that Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is solely meant for men, that women have no testosterone in their bodies, that they don’t need TRT — that’s simply not true.

Just as men have small amounts of estrogen in their bodies and need this small amount to be properly balanced and feel well, women have a small amount of testosterone in their bodies. This small amount can have a major effect on your feelings of wellness if it’s out of balance.

At TCT, we work with many women whose hormones are out of balance. Estrogen Replacement Therapy makes up the majority of the services that we provide, but we also provide TRT for women whose testosterone levels have fallen out of balance.

It all starts with a free consultation. If you’re struggling and not feeling like yourself, come in and talk to us. We’ll design a treatment schedule customized to your body and your needs.

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Symptoms of Low T in Women

The symptoms of low testosterone in women can look surprisingly similar to a wide variety of other illnesses and disorders, including high testosterone. Click to learn more about the symptoms of Low T in women.

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Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Women

For most women, Hormone Replacement Therapy consists primarily of supplemental estrogen, though it is not uncommon for other hormones to be out of balance. Click to learn more about the process for Estrogen Replacement Therapy.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for Women

Though women naturally have much lower levels of testosterone in their bodies than men, you still need to maintain a healthy level of this hormone in your body to look and feel your best. Click to learn more about the process of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for women (and why why testosterone is so important to the proper functioning of your body).

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TRT to Increase Libido in Women

Low libidio (sexual desire) is very common in women, and it’s often the case that low testosterone is the culprit. Click to learn more about how Testosterone Replacement Therapy can restore your sexual desire.

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