Testosterone and Libido


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Testosterone and libido are closely connected — it can be devastating to lose your sexual desire and to feel like you’re letting your partner down.

Fortunately, TRT may help.

Testosterone and libido

Testosterone And Libido Are Connected In Both Men And Women

Libido is a term that’s often misused and misunderstood. To avoid confusion, we think of it simply as “sexual desire.”

This is quite different from physical limitations to sex, like erectile dysfunction (ED) or vaginal dryness.

Among other symptoms, low testosterone can kill your libido, and this is true no matter your gender.

However, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can most often improve symptoms if they are the result of low testosterone.

Both men and women often find their desire return after only a few weeks of therapy.

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For Men: The Difference Between Erectile Dysfunction (ED) And Libido

All too many men believe that ED and libido mean the same thing.

This is a major misconception.

Erectile dysfunction refers specifically to the physical function of the penis—the inability to attain or maintain a satisfactory erection.

The inability to achieve orgasm similarly has nothing to do with your level of desire.

A hallmark of normal testosterone levels is robust sexual desire. When testosterone levels drop below normal, one common symptom is a drop in interest in sex.

Still, low libido isn’t the only possible symptom of low testosterone, which is why we look at your symptoms as a whole in addition to measuring your testosterone levels.

When you get your testosterone levels tested, we’ll discuss all your symptoms, along with other medical conditions you might have, to ensure that low testosterone is causing your symptoms.

It’s possible your lack of desire is related to antidepressants or other medication you might be taking, so be sure you tell your medical care provider about every medication you take.

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For Women: The Connection Between Testosterone And Libido

Most women wouldn’t even think to blame testosterone levels for their lowered libido. However, researchers have long known that testosterone and sexual desire in women are connected.

It’s also quite possible that other hormones, like estrogen and progesterone, are at the root of your symptoms—we provide hormone replacement therapy for these hormones as well.

Our goal is to get all of your hormones back into balance—and testosterone should be included in that list. When all three of these major hormones are restored to the right levels for you, you may see your symptoms improve.

To decide if low testosterone is the issue, do an inventory of your symptoms. Check this list of low testosterone symptoms for women and see if your experience matches it.

If it does, you might be suffering from low testosterone.

The Answer Might Be TRT

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can have a powerful impact the  symptoms of low testosterone.

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