Testosterone and CVD Events: Research Shows Lower Risk in Men With Healthy Testosterone Levels

A doctor in a white lab coat holding a clipboard stands in front of a heart diagram. Testosterone and CVD events are connected.

Research is both fascinating and complicated—an ever-growing, ever-developing collection of information. As the body of information builds, previous conclusions must be altered or replaced by new ones. Such is the case with the relationship between testosterone and cardiovascular disease (CVD) events, which include heart attacks and strokes. While supplementary testosterone was once thought to increase…

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Testosterone and Prostate Cancer—Recent Research Contradicts Prevailing Medical Thought

A male doctor wearing glasses is sitting at a white table with his male patient. The doctor is showing him a scan and explaining something, possibly how testosterone can affect prostate cancer.

“Although the number of men studied here is relatively small, it is clear that the conventional wisdom is wrong that raising testosterone in men with prostate cancer will necessarily precipitate rapid progression and/or death.” This controversial statement was made by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, an associate professor of surgery in the department of urology at Beth Israel…

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TRT and Diabetes Remission: The Encouraging Results from German Research Study

A man checks his blood sugar while sitting at a brown table. TRT and diabetes remission are connected according to recent research.

Scientists are studying the possible connection between Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and diabetes remission. These startling facts leave little wonder as to why researchers are scrambling to find effective treatments. According to the CDC, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2015. The average medical expenditures for people with…

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Low Testosterone and Inflammatory Foods: A New Study Supports the Connection

A dietician writes in a notebook near a bowl of vegetables. Scientists are studying the connection between low testosterone and inflammatory foods.

Inflammation has a bad reputation, but it is an important contributor to your body’s natural defense system. Inflammation is your body at work, either protecting itself from illness or promoting healing when injured. However, the link between chronic, sustained inflammation found in various parts of the body and a variety of serious health issues is well…

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COVID-19 and Low Testosterone: Research Associates Decreasing Levels With ICU Admissions Increases

A man in a gray jacket wears a protective face mask as he uses his cellular phone. He may be researching the connection between low testosterone and Covid 19.

As the COVID-19 saga continues, medical experts have observed a wide variety of potential co-occurring health consequences, one of which involves low testosterone. A recent study has produced data that shows COVID-19 could deteriorate testosterone levels in men hospitalized from the infection and increase the likelihood of ICU admission. COVID-19 and Low Testosterone: The Research…

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