A Worldwide Phenomenon—Male Fertility and Testosterone Declining Rapidly

A woman sits with her head on a man's shoulder as they look at the water. There is a decline in male fertility that may complicate their relationship in the future.

The world’s population growth has been slowing for decades. Worries have increased as the overall birth rate began to slow at a greater rate than expected.  One reason is that people in developed nations are choosing to have fewer children, but there’s a more worrisome reason—male fertility worldwide is suffering a serious decline.  The Male…

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Testosterone and Your Immune System

A female researcher prepares a microscope slide in order to study the effects of testosterone on the human immune system.

Most people are aware that their immune system is critical to their day-to-day health. When your immune system is in good working order, your body unconsciously fights off infection easily. Staying energetic and healthy seems so simple. When your immune system weakens, you become vulnerable to infection, colds, flu, aches, fever, and so on. You…

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How Does My Diet Affect My Testosterone?

A happy couple are chopping vegetables for a salad. The man stands behind the woman, and she feeds him salad over her left shoulder. He's eating healthy hoping a better diet will help his testosterone.

Many people are looking for a way to treat their low testosterone symptoms without seeking medical intervention. Diet and exercise would seem like a logical way to naturally increase testosterone levels. That’s exactly what the fitness news, popular health culture, and the nutrition industries would like you to believe—that it’s a simple fix. However, the…

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Can Alcohol Cause Low T?

Man in a white shirt and bow tie looks at the glass in his hand, wondering if drinking alcohol is causing his Low T symptoms.

Men who are experiencing the symptoms of Low T often ask whether drinking alcohol could be contributing to their problem. If you’re enjoying the occasional beer after work or while watching the game, that amount of alcohol is unlikely to decrease your testosterone levels to a symptomatic level. However, it’s no secret that drinking too…

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4 Major Health Risks Associated With Obesity (and Low T)

A man has pulled his white t-shirt up to reveal his belly, which slightly protrudes over his jeans and brown belt. He is measuring his waist and perhaps is concerned about his obesity risk.

If you’re having trouble losing weight, it might be time to talk with your medical provider. Although it can be an uncomfortable conversation, obesity increases the risks of a number of serious health conditions that could compromise your quality of life, including: Type 2 diabetes Cardiovascular events (heart attacks and strokes) Cancer  Osteoarthritis Obesity Risk…

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Do Testosterone Boosters Work?—Choose Research Over Marketing

A muscular man's torso with his left arm outstretched can be seen. In his outstretched hand, he is holding a number of pills that could be testosterone boosters.

On the shelves of a health store, fitness supplement store, or online marketplace, you’ve undoubtedly seen the testosterone boosters for sale—supplements promising a natural route to raising testosterone levels, boosting muscle mass, and increasing sex drive. But do these OTC testosterone boosters work? It’s always recommended you go with science over marketing, and research shows…

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