Testosterone and Stroke Recovery: Research Finds a Connection

Three medical professionals look at X-ray scans, possibly considering the connection between testosterone and stroke recovery.

Preliminary studies are showing that testosterone may actually help men recover after they’ve had a stroke. That surprises many, because it directly contradicts the rumors (based on incomplete research) saying TRT—Testosterone Replacement Therapy—increases the dangers of heart attacks and strokes.  Could Testosterone Help Stroke Patients? Aninda B. Acharya, M.D., assistant professor of neurology at Saint…

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TRT and Cardiovascular Event Risks: New Research Continues to Contradict Outdated Conclusions

A man in a gray t-shirt clutches his left chest with his right hand. He may be concerned about a heart attack, but research shows this isn't a substantial trt risk.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has been scientifically proven to relieve many symptoms and improve the quality of life in most men suffering from hypogonadism (the medical term for low testosterone). However, some men are hesitant to seek treatment because they’ve heard there’s an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events—heart attacks, cardiac arrest, strokes, etc. Research…

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A Worldwide Phenomenon—Male Fertility and Testosterone Declining Rapidly

A woman sits with her head on a man's shoulder as they look at the water. There is a decline in male fertility that may complicate their relationship in the future.

The world’s population growth has been slowing for decades. Worries have increased as the overall birth rate began to slow at a greater rate than expected.  One reason is that people in developed nations are choosing to have fewer children, but there’s a more worrisome reason—male fertility worldwide is suffering a serious decline.  The Male…

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Testosterone and Your Immune System

A female researcher prepares a microscope slide in order to study the effects of testosterone on the human immune system.

Most people are aware that their immune system is critical to their day-to-day health. When your immune system is in good working order, your body unconsciously fights off infection easily. Staying energetic and healthy seems so simple. When your immune system weakens, you become vulnerable to infection, colds, flu, aches, fever, and so on. You…

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