DHEA for Men: Does It Work?

Doctor in a lab coat and tie sits at a white table with a male patient wearing a gray t-shirt, possibly discussing DHEA for men.

DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone, a steroid hormone that’s naturally produced in men’s adrenal glands and liver. DHEA is a precursor, which means it helps in the production of other hormones including testosterone and estrogen. Men are looking into and experimenting with DHEA over-the-counter supplements in order to: Fight the aging process Boost physical performance Improve depression…

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Testosterone and Atherosclerosis: Research Finds Yet Another Health Risk Associated With Low T

A doctor in a white lab coat stands with his arms crossed. He holds a stethoscope in his right hand. Doctors are learning about the connection between testosterone and atherosclerosis..

Rumors relating cardiovascular health concerns to testosterone continue to swirl in media and marketing in spite of new research trends. Current and methodologically sound research indicates that low testosterone levels are associated with the dangers of poor cardiovascular health. This contrasts sharply with Initial research, which prematurely concluded that supplementary testosterone would increase the likelihood…

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Anemia—A Serious Health Risk Connected to Hormone Imbalances Such as Chronic Low T

Female researcher looks into a microscope as she studies the connection between hormones and anemia.

When we talk about hormone imbalances, including Low Testosterone, a major recurring theme is low. Low testosterone can cause a lot of unwanted, unpleasant symptoms that diminish your overall sense of well being, which include:   Low energy Low libido or sex drive Low mood Low muscle tissue production Low bone mass Another potential health…

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Testosterone and CVD Events: Research Shows Lower Risk in Men With Healthy Testosterone Levels

A doctor in a white lab coat holding a clipboard stands in front of a heart diagram. Testosterone and CVD events are connected.

Research is both fascinating and complicated—an ever-growing, ever-developing collection of information. As the body of information builds, previous conclusions must be altered or replaced by new ones. Such is the case with the relationship between testosterone and cardiovascular disease (CVD) events, which include heart attacks and strokes. While supplementary testosterone was once thought to increase…

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Testosterone and Prostate Cancer—Recent Research Contradicts Prevailing Medical Thought

A male doctor wearing glasses is sitting at a white table with his male patient. The doctor is showing him a scan and explaining something, possibly how testosterone can affect prostate cancer.

“Although the number of men studied here is relatively small, it is clear that the conventional wisdom is wrong that raising testosterone in men with prostate cancer will necessarily precipitate rapid progression and/or death.” This controversial statement was made by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, an associate professor of surgery in the department of urology at Beth Israel…

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