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The most effective way to learn if low testosterone is behind the horrible symptoms you’re experiencing is to talk to someone who understands.

That's why we offer free consultations to anyone who's suffering.

You can meet our friendly staff, sit down with a medical provider who is dedicated to your health, your happiness, and helping you achieve your goals, and discuss exactly what you have going on in a caring, supportive environment.

Let’s get it figured out—together.

What you’ll learn in your free consultation

  • How soon you can start feeling better
  • If low testosterone may be causing your symptoms
  • Your options for therapy
  • The benefits and risks of therapy
  • How to tell if you need treatment
  • The next step

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Learn How Testosterone Therapy Works for You

Once you've gotten to know our staff and you feel comfortable with moving forward with treatment, we can discuss hormone testing options.

We recommend this full panel be done 18-22 days after the start of your period (if applicable).

Most patients see improvement a few weeks after starting therapy. Schedule your consultation now—fill out the form, and one of our caring professionals will contact you as soon as possible.