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Concerned You May Have Low Testosterone? Struggling to Find Care in Your Area?

If you're concerned about low testosterone and can't find a local provider in Texas, we can help. 

 Our telemedicine approach gives you access to quality Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the comfort of your own home via video on your preferred device.

You will receive prescriptions at your doorstep and continue your care through video check-ups with your dedicated provider.

(NOTE: Service only available for Texas residents currently).

How It Works

  • Video consultation to discuss your symptoms

  • Two blood draws at a lab near you

  • Begin at-home administration of TRT

A doctor and a patient sit at a glass table while looking at exam data on a blue clipboard. The doctor gestures with his pen, possibly explaining hypothyroidism treatment available in Dallas- Fort Worth.

This service is for Texas residents only. Your initial consultation is free. After that, your new-patient evaluation, 2 blood tests, and a video consultation to review lab results will cost $150. If TRT is prescribed, we'll apply $100 of the fee to your 1st month of therapy.

Meet Your Provider and Learn How Telemedicine Therapy Works


Since 2013, TCT has provided high-quality Testosterone Replacement Therapy across the Dallas-Fort Worth area in North Texas. We offer remotely managed services to patients who live anywhere in Texas.

(Learn more about TRT in our Complete Guide to TRT here.)

Once you have completed all proper blood testing with an approved lab in your area, we can then schedule an in-person visit in Dallas and discuss how to make your visit as quick and easy as possible.

This allows us to establish you as a patient and begin your treatment, which you will then self-administer at home.

(Not sure if Low T is the issue? Read our comprehensive guide on the causes and symptoms of Low T here.)

If you’re ready to just get started, fill out the form — we’ll contact you right away to schedule your free online video consultation.


Here are the steps we'll walk you through if it is determined that you suffer from clinically low testosterone and require therapy:

  • 1

    Schedule and complete online video consultation to discuss symptoms

  • 2

    Complete 2 blood draws before 10 am at an approved lab near you

  • 3

    If treatment is indicated, schedule in-person appointment, to take place in Dallas, Texas before starting injections

  • 4

    Receive your 1st injection in-house as we establish direct-to-home shipments, covered under your monthly fees

  • 5

    Begin at-home administration of prescribed Testosterone Replace Therapy medication(s)

PLEASE NOTE: We will not write a prescription for Testosterone Replacement Therapy before completion of a full workup. You must be a Texas resident and be a candidate for therapy as determined by your reported symptoms, blood test results, and applicable clinical guidelines.