Low T in Women Video

Low T in Women

In this video, we discuss: The role testosterone plays in women’s bodies What would cause a woman to have clinically low testosterone The symptoms of Low T in women What kind of results a woman might expect from testosterone replacement therapy https://tctmed.com/low-t-women-video/

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Gynecomastia and TRT in Men

Gynecomastia and TRT

Gynecomastia (commonly called “man boobs”) is the development of breasts in men, usually caused by too much estrogen. Men who are undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy that is not properly administered may develop gynecomastia, which is why almost all our patients are prescribed an aromatase inhibitor from the beginning of treatment. https://tctmed.com/gynecomastia-and-trt/

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At-Home TRT—Telemedicine for Texas Residents

A doctor and a patient sit at a glass table while looking at exam data on a blue clipboard. The doctor gestures with his pen, possibly explaining hypothyroidism treatment available in Dallas- Fort Worth.

TCT is now offering at-home Testosterone Replacement Therapy for residents of Texas via video. One in-person visit to Dallas-Fort Worth is required. Telemedicine TRT—Video-Conference Testosterone Replacement Therapy (Texas Only)Watch this video on YouTube This new telemedicine service requires 1 in-person visit to Dallas-Fort Worth. The initial video consultation is free You’ll need to drive or…

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Low Estrogen vs. High Estrogen in Men

The side effects of estrogen often frighten men — like this man here, who is worried, with his hands on his chin — but you don't need to worry about the side effects of estrogen

  Low Estrogen vs. High Estrogen in men — what’s the difference? How does estrogen function in a man’s body and why is it critical for men to have balanced estrogen in addition to balanced testosterone? Low Estrogen vs. High Estrogen in MenWatch this video on YouTube Most people don’t think of men having estrogen…

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