Low Testosterone in Women — Weight Loss, Low Libido

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for women is similar to TRT for men, just at a much lower dose. Women who have low testosterone often have low libido, trouble losing weight, fatigue — in other words, many of the same symptoms as men.

Learn more about how testosterone works in women’s bodies and how Testosterone Replacement Therapy may help with low libido, weight gain, and more, if you suffer from clinically diagnosed low testosterone.

Low Testosterone in Women — Weight Loss, Low Libido

  1. Do women need testosterone in their bodies?
  2. What are the symptoms of low testosterone in women?
  3. What causes Low T in women?
  4. How does TRT work for women?
  5. What kind of results can a woman expect from TRT?

To learn more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy for women, visit tctmed.com/testosterone-low-t-replacement-therapy-services/trt-for-low-t-in-women


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