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Men’s Hormone Health

Fitness Trends in Flower Mound: Fighting Stress

A smiling man in a red t-shirt leads a spin class. Learn about the many exercise trends in Flower Mound.

As working people, we often may feel that the day-to-day stress of our work and home obligations contributes to fatigue, illness, and absences from work. Statistics would support the idea that stress is taking a tremendous toll on our health. Psychology Today reports that 80-90% of medical visits are stress related, but less than 3%…

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8 Common Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Men

A female doctor wearing a white lab coat and glasses discusses hypothyroidism symptoms with a male patient who has blonde hair and is wearing a blue shirt.

Have you been experiencing unexplained, extreme fatigue and a decreased tolerance for stress? Those are 2 of the tell-tale symptoms of an underactive thyroid, even in men. Most men wouldn’t recognize they were experiencing the symptoms of hypothyroidism. In fact, many doctors wouldn’t easily reach that conclusion, either. After all, hypothyroidism is commonly thought of…

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Are Vitamins Useless in the Fight Against Low T?

A lemon half which has had half of the pulp removed and then filled with vitamins — useless against Low T.

When it comes to battling low testosterone, are vitamins useless? Yes, and no. Simple questions about our health often come with more complicated answers. Without a doubt, your overall health is critical to hormone production. On their own, however, vitamin pills and over-the-counter supplements are mostly ineffective against clinical hypogonadism (the technical term for low…

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