What Causes Low Testosterone?

A man wearing a white polo shirt and glasses does research on his laptop, perhaps wondering "What causes low testosterone?"

You went for your last physical or to get some symptoms checked out because you care about your health, and you haven’t been feeling quite like yourself. You may have been feeling far more fatigued than usual, more irritable, or you’ve lost some of your interest in physical intimacy with your partner.  Your doctor has…

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Isn’t Testosterone the Cause of Men Losing Their Hair?

Are you worried about losing your hair? It’s an understandable concern.  You may have heard that testosterone, including TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) used to treat men suffering from chronic Low T symptoms, causes hair loss, since that outdated myth—based only on a couple of very shaky research studies—has been circulating for decades. We can say…

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Testosterone and Stroke Recovery: Research Finds a Connection

Three medical professionals look at X-ray scans, possibly considering the connection between testosterone and stroke recovery.

Preliminary studies are showing that testosterone may actually help men recover after they’ve had a stroke. That surprises many, because it directly contradicts the rumors (based on incomplete research) saying TRT—Testosterone Replacement Therapy—increases the dangers of heart attacks and strokes.  Could Testosterone Help Stroke Patients? Aninda B. Acharya, M.D., assistant professor of neurology at Saint…

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