Can Alcohol Cause Low T?

Man in a white shirt and bow tie looks at the glass in his hand, wondering if drinking alcohol is causing his Low T symptoms.

Men who are experiencing the symptoms of Low T often ask whether drinking alcohol could be contributing to their problem. If you’re enjoying the occasional beer after work or while watching the game, that amount of alcohol is unlikely to decrease your testosterone levels to a symptomatic level. However, it’s no secret that drinking too…

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Does Running Boost Testosterone?

White male in a blu tank top is running across a desert landscape. Many people ask, "Does running boost testosterone?"

Does running boost testosterone levels? Let’s look at the facts to answer that important question. Fact 1: Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise around, and it has myriad health benefits. Fact 2: Strenuous exercise is known to be beneficial to those who have low testosterone, especially those hovering just beneath the…

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Testosterone and Atherosclerosis: Research Finds Yet Another Health Risk Associated With Low T

A doctor in a white lab coat stands with his arms crossed. He holds a stethoscope in his right hand. Doctors are learning about the connection between testosterone and atherosclerosis..

Rumors relating cardiovascular health concerns to testosterone continue to swirl in media and marketing in spite of new research trends. Current and methodologically sound research indicates that low testosterone levels are associated with the dangers of poor cardiovascular health. This contrasts sharply with Initial research, which prematurely concluded that supplementary testosterone would increase the likelihood…

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Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and Free Testosterone—Your Normal Results May be Wrong

A medical researcher uses a microscope to look at the chemical composition of sex hormone binding globulin.

Are you experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone despite lab results that show a healthy total testosterone level? You’re not alone. Men are often told that their levels are perfectly normal, yet they don’t feel well. The truth is that diagnosing and confirming low testosterone is a complicated endeavor. It requires thorough lab testing and…

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Parabens and Low Testosterone—Could Household Products Damage Your Hormone Balance?

A rear view of a man's upper body as he shampoos his hair in the shower. He is likely unaware of the parabens in the shampoo that could contribute to low testosterone.

Low testosterone diagnoses and prescriptions for supplemental testosterone have risen steadily in recent years. In response to that trend, consumers, the health industry, and medical researchers all have looked to lifestyle changes as potential treatment measures, including healthier diets and better exercise routines. It’s important to consider how your overall health affects your hormone levels,…

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