Getting Your Free T Checked: The Key That Opens the Door to TRT Benefits

Three medical lab techs examine a test tube as part of free T testing that will provide guidance for treatment and other TRT benefits.

The unpleasant symptoms associated with hypogonadism (the medical term for low testosterone)  that generally grab men’s attention and motivate them to look into TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) are fatigue and diminished sex drive. Beyond the restoration of these desirable life factors is a plethora of other benefits. Healthy testosterone levels, restored and maintained by a…

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Per the Cleveland Clinic—Another TRT Study Fails to Show an Increase in Cardiac Arrests

A group of medical researches look confident about their research that showed TRT does not increase cardiac arrest likelihood.

Two things that are hard to kill—popular action heroes and medical advice based on poor research.  Another major medical study has been published, debunking the persistent tale that says taking supplemental testosterone (TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy), even as prescribed for the treatment of clinically diagnosed low testosterone, causes an increase in heart attacks and…

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What Causes Low Testosterone?

A man wearing a white polo shirt and glasses does research on his laptop, perhaps wondering "What causes low testosterone?"

You went for your last physical or to get some symptoms checked out because you care about your health, and you haven’t been feeling quite like yourself. You may have been feeling far more fatigued than usual, more irritable, or you’ve lost some of your interest in physical intimacy with your partner.  Your doctor has…

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Can Alcohol Cause Low T?

Man in a white shirt and bow tie looks at the glass in his hand, wondering if drinking alcohol is causing his Low T symptoms.

Men who are experiencing the symptoms of Low T often ask whether drinking alcohol could be contributing to their problem. If you’re enjoying the occasional beer after work or while watching the game, that amount of alcohol is unlikely to decrease your testosterone levels to a symptomatic level. However, it’s no secret that drinking too…

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Does Running Boost Testosterone?

White male in a blu tank top is running across a desert landscape. Many people ask, "Does running boost testosterone?"

Does running boost testosterone levels? Let’s look at the facts to answer that important question. Fact 1: Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise around, and it has myriad health benefits. Fact 2: Strenuous exercise is known to be beneficial to those who have low testosterone, especially those hovering just beneath the…

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