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What Age Does Perimenopause Start?

We’re often asked this seemingly simple question:  What age does perimenopause start? But, like so many questions related to your body’s hormones and endocrine system, the answer is not so clear. What Is Perimenopause? In order to answer the question of when, it’s important to understand what perimenopause is. Perimenopause is the transitional period when…

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Perimenopause and Weight Gain — 5 Ways to Fight Back

Low libido in young women. Young woman looking vexed

How are perimenopause and weight gain connected? Is there anything that can be done about weight gain in perimenopause? Is it even possible to lose weight, or even to fight weight gain, during perimenopause? Answers to these questions are important to women entering a period of hormonal and physical change that often dampens their feelings…

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Does Low Estrogen Make You Gain Weight? — More Than a Number

“Does low estrogen make you gain weight?” is a simple question. The answer is also simple, “Yes, particularly in women.” If you’re suffering from an imbalance of female hormones, weight loss is something you’re probably going to struggle with — the literature provides plenty of scientific support for that conclusion. So let’s discuss some other…

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