Shift Work, Poor Sleep, and Low Testosterone—Research Supports Men’s Health Risks

A shift worker sits at his desk at night. Shift work has been connected to low testosterone.

The demands of modern American life—erratic working hours, unreasonable deadlines, and technology that keeps us constantly plugged in—take a toll on the amount of quality sleep that a person gets. This is especially true for those who must work irregular hours to make ends meet. Shift work, schedules outside of the regular 7 AM to…

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DHEA: Are the Rumored Benefits Real?

A female doctor with a stethoscope around her neck explains the benefits of DHEA to her female patient.

DHEA (the abbreviation for dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone that’s naturally produced in the body’s adrenal glands and women’s ovaries. DHEA is needed for your body to produce testosterone and estrogen, and your body’s natural DHEA levels are known to peak in early adulthood but then slowly fall as you age. A lot of rumors and…

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Estrogen and HRT— Researchers Examine Potential for Cardiovascular Disease Treatment

A smiling woman wearing a white blouse discusses her health condition with a doctor wearing a green shirt. They may be discussing the connection between estrogen and cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills more Americans each year than any other medical condition, a fact that places enormous pressure on the medical community to develop new treatment avenues. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control are available here. These three scientifically observed trends, among others, have led researchers to study the role of estrogen in preventing heart…

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Low Estrogen in Women

A middle-aged blonde woman smiles sadly at the camera. She looks concerned, and she may be suffering from low estrogen, a common problem for women.

What Causes Low Estrogen? What Is Menopause? Symptoms of Low Estrogen and Menopause Perimenopause What Age Does Perimenopause Start? How Long Does Perimenopause Last? When Does Perimenopause End? Low Estrogen and Menopause Can Start Early Low Estrogen Can Cause Weight Gain PCOS, Low Estrogen, and Weight Gain What’s Distinct About Low Estrogen Weight Gain? Weight…

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The Facts About Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

A young women wearing a sweater rests her head on her right hand. She is talking with a female doctor, possibly about testosterone replacement therapy for women.

Women Naturally Produce Testosterone — When That Production Drops, It Needs to Be Replaced Symptoms of Low T in Women How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work for Women? What Method of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Best For Me? The Case for Testosterone Injections For Women Research Supports Testosterone Shots to Treat Menopause The Problem With…

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Low T in Women: All Your Questions Answered

A dark-haired woman stares out the window of a train at the overcast city, perhaps worried about Low T in women.

This guide discusses low testosterone in women—a frequently overlooked or misdiagnosed condition—in detail. The document can be read in full for a complete overview of female low testosterone, or this table of contents can be used to locate the answers to specific questions you may be asking. Women Have Testosterone? Symptoms of Female Low Testosterone…

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