Nutrition and Hormones—Does Food Make a Difference?

A collection of vegetables is laid out on a white table against a white background. Nutrition can positively affect your hormone balance.

Nutrition and Borderline Low Testosterone Levels Alcohol Consumption and Testosterone Levels The Effects of Alcohol on Testosterone Production in Men and Women Moderate Alcohol Consumption: Little Need to Worry Excessive Beer Consumption: A Cause for Concern Foods That Could Lower Testosterone Levels Avoid Hydrogenated Oils Reduce Sugar Intake Misinformation Surrounding Soy The Source of the…

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The Facts About Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

A young women wearing a sweater rests her head on her right hand. She is talking with a female doctor, possibly about testosterone replacement therapy for women.

Women Naturally Produce Testosterone — When That Production Drops, It Needs to Be Replaced Symptoms of Low T in Women How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work for Women? What Method of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Best For Me? The Case for Testosterone Injections For Women Research Supports Testosterone Shots to Treat Menopause The Problem With…

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Low T in Women: All Your Questions Answered

A dark-haired woman stares out the window of a train at the overcast city, perhaps worried about Low T in women.

This guide discusses low testosterone in women—a frequently overlooked or misdiagnosed condition—in detail. The document can be read in full for a complete overview of female low testosterone, or this table of contents can be used to locate the answers to specific questions you may be asking. Women Have Testosterone? Symptoms of Female Low Testosterone…

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Healthcare Costs in DFW Cause Major Concern for Residents

A female doctor in a white lab coat discusses a form with a short-haired man in blue scrubs. Healthcare costs in Dallas and Fort Worth are causing concern for patients and medical professionals.

Healthcare costs are a major concern for Dallas-Fort Worth residents. Although our metropolitan area is considered an affordable market for businesses (and is known to have a reasonable cost of living for employees), that savings doesn’t seem to carry over to the healthcare market. In fact, DFW residents spend more on health care than residents…

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Where to Kayak and SUP in DFW

A couple row red and yellow kayaks on a lake in DFW.

What better way to meet your fitness goals than by kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) at your local DFW lake? Kayaking and other paddlesports can provide satisfying workouts without the monotony some people experience with running or weight training. Visit one of the nearby lakes and dip your toe into the world of paddlesports. Below are a few places…

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