Coffee Shops in Hurst — Escape Your Stress

Life in the suburbs may be a little less crowded than in the big cities of Dallas or Fort Worth, but it can still get stressful.

We have jobs to go to, family obligations, and all the other busy tasks of life filling up our days and evenings, one after the other.

Sometimes we just need to get away for a bit. It’s important to recharge and bring our stress levels back to a more manageable level.

2 female baristas wearing white shirts make coffee drinks at an espresso machine, possibly at a coffee shop in Hurst.

Hurst-area residents have some recommended coffee shops that could provide just the escape you need (not to mention a little caffeine pick-me-up to get you through the rest of your day).

Roots Coffee

9101 Hwy 26 Ste 101

North Richland Hills, TX 76180

(817) 503-7344

There are 2 Roots Coffee locations a short drive from Hurst: One in North Richland Hills and one in Fort Worth.

Roots Coffee is known for utilizing local suppliers for their food and drink, and they have a number of other community-oriented activities going on, such as:

  • Promoting local artists on their Local Art Wall
  • Hosting community events and coffee classes
  • Supporting a number of local DFW-area charities and causes

The DFW locals who frequent Roots Coffee have this to say:

“Whether you’re a mom with young children needing a moment out of the house or a student needing a place to study, this place is for you!”

“I like the ambiance, which I initially found surprising for the Hurst area. I don’t want to call it hipster, but it feels more urban-fabulous than one usually finds in the Fort Worth suburbs. A very comfortable and welcoming place.”

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1498 Precinct Line Rd

Hurst, TX 76053

(817) 280-0656

Not everybody loves the local and quaint cafe scene.

Instead, some people prefer the familiar. When stressed, they want to know exactly what they’re going to get, and Starbucks on Precinct Line Road delivers just what customers know they want with a comforting level of consistency.

Here’s what the locals have to say about this location, which is located just down the road from TCT’s Hurst Clinic:

“Convenient Hurst location and consistent good service make this Starbucks a great place to stop on the way to work or even stop and get some work done.”

“I really like the style of this store. This is a convenient location if you’re in the Hurst area conducting business, due to immediate access to the 121 Freeway and Precinct Line Road.”

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Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar

403 E Main St

Arlington, TX 76010

(817) 617-2054

Just south of Hurst in Arlington, Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar provides an amazing place to start your day, get work done, enjoy a relaxing afternoon, or finish the day off with a glass of wine.

It has been listed by the Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) as one of the best local establishments for freelance or remote work, just what many people searching for a coffee shop are looking for.

“I love the cool vibe of this place! You can get coffee, tea, or wine, and they have food — everything you need! Inside there are ample tables, sofas, and chairs to sit in and enjoy the ambiance.”

“I know I’ll be back. There aren’t nearly enough wine bars in the Arlington/Hurst area. The atmosphere is great, with floor to ceiling windows, lots of bright natural light, a super-long bar, couches and cozy chairs, and big wooden common tables with bar stools. They have a rad wine list (and wine on tap), good food, and the staff is friendly.”

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Chronic Stress and Your Hormones

Are you having trouble managing your stress in the usual ways? Does your stress level seem more or less constant and exhausting, even when you’re taking some time away from the business of life?

The connection between stress and your hormones is often overlooked.

Hormone imbalance often leads increased fatigue and anxiety. The resulting increased perception of stress then signals your body to produce more of certain hormones that can exacerbate your imbalance.

Before you know it, you can find yourself caught in a vicious cycle of stress, fatigue, and low mood (mild depression).

If you’re concerned about stress levels and how they’re affecting your health, or if you suspect your symptoms are the result of hormone imbalances like low testosterone, Testosterone Centers of Texas (TCT) can help.

TCT Hurst Offers a Free Consultation

Your first consultation at TCT is free — let’s find out if Low T or another hormone imbalance is contributing to your poor stress response.

We always welcome walk-in visits at our Hurst clinic, but some prefer to schedule their consultation in advance — click here.

You can also check out any of our 4 other conveniently located clinics, in case a drive to Hurst doesn’t suit your individual circumstances.

At TCT, we strive to provide the highest standard of treatment to members of our community suffering with low testosterone or hormone imbalance.

We’re here to help you reclaim your quality of life and get back to feeling like “you” again — click the button for more information on the TCT Hurst clinic.

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