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Posts by (Bill) William J. White, PA-C

Get Fit With These Hurst Gyms

A shirtless, muscular man is working out in a Hurst gym, doing a heavy weight exercise for his biceps.

There is no exact formula for losing weight, but visiting the gym regularly can promote a healthier lifestyle and get you closer to your fitness goals. Choosing the right gym can increase your willingness to work out and keep you coming back. The following are some qualities you should consider in a gym: Atmosphere Cost Proximity…

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Burnout — Dissatisfaction Isn’t the Only Cause

A middle-aged man wearing a white shirt sits at a white table, working on a laptop computer. He has a pile of books and files on his right. Apparently suffering burnout, he has removed his glasses and is rubbing his brow.

Burnout is a costly condition for both employees and the organizations where they are employed. It’s also more prevalent than you might expect. A July 2018 Gallup study found that 67% of employees they studied are experiencing burnout with a high degree of regularity at significant costs to their health, productivity, and job security, finding that…

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