Get Fit With These Hurst Gyms

A shirtless, muscular man is working out in a Hurst gym, doing a heavy weight exercise for his biceps.

There is no exact formula for losing weight, but visiting the gym regularly can promote a healthier lifestyle and get you closer to your fitness goals. Choosing the right gym can increase your willingness to work out and keep you coming back. The following are some qualities you should consider in a gym: Atmosphere Cost Proximity…

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Meetups in Frisco — Fitness and Community-building Opportunities

Four men wearing athletic gear are standing on a soccer field. The man in the center is holding a soccer ball on his right hip. The men may be part of one of the many Meetups taking place in Frisco.

Meetup groups are a fantastic way to develop an exercise routine and build a supportive community. With dozens of fitness-related Meetups within a short distance of Frisco, these groups offer residents many different choices that provide a great deal of flexibility and usually require little financial investment. If you’re looking for a low-stress, no-obligation way…

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Where to Kayak and SUP in DFW

A couple row red and yellow kayaks on a lake in DFW.

What better way to meet your fitness goals than by kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) at your local DFW lake? Kayaking and other paddlesports can provide satisfying workouts without the monotony some people experience with running or weight training. Visit one of the nearby lakes and dip your toe into the world of paddlesports. Below are a few places…

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Spring Events Near Prosper

A young couple, a man in a blue tank top and a women in a red t-shirt are running, possibly in a 5k event near Prosper.

The spring season is the best time to go outside in DFW (before the scorching weather arrives). From festivals to 5ks (and everything in between), there are tons of amazing outdoor events available in North Texas this spring. Prosper and the surrounding area has a couple of events worth checking out (even if you’re not…

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