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Where to Kayak and SUP in DFW

A couple row red and yellow kayaks on a lake in DFW.

What better way to meet your fitness goals than by kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) at your local DFW lake? Kayaking and other paddlesports can provide satisfying workouts without the monotony some people experience with running or weight training. Visit one of the nearby lakes and dip your toe into the world of paddlesports. Below are a few places…

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Spring Events Near Prosper

A young couple, a man in a blue tank top and a women in a red t-shirt are running, possibly in a 5k event near Prosper.

The spring season is the best time to go outside in DFW (before the scorching weather arrives). From festivals to 5ks (and everything in between), there are tons of amazing outdoor events available in North Texas this spring. Prosper and the surrounding area has a couple of events worth checking out (even if you’re not…

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DFW’s Rock Climbing Gyms

A man with short hair and a beard wearing black athletic gear climbs a colorful artificial climbing wall. Rock climbing has become a popular sport in DFW.

Rock climbing can be a great way to meet your health and fitness goals, and it provides a break from the usual gym workouts. Most gyms provide the necessary equipment for working out, but typical gym routines can sometimes get stale. Instead, visit a rock climbing gym and have some fun while you work out. The…

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Hiking in Lewisville to Stay Healthy

A man and women carrying backpacks are hiking near Lake Lewisville.

Hiking can be a great way to meet your daily fitness goals, and it doesn’t require more than a pair of comfortable shoes with decent traction. Luckily, for people living near Lewisville, there are many trails in the area that vary in length in difficulty. Explore the outdoors and get closer to nature while staying…

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Burnout — Dissatisfaction Isn’t the Only Cause

A middle-aged man wearing a white shirt sits at a white table, working on a laptop computer. He has a pile of books and files on his right. Apparently suffering burnout, he has removed his glasses and is rubbing his brow.

Burnout is a costly condition for both employees and the organizations where they are employed. It’s also more prevalent than you might expect. A July 2018 Gallup study found that 67% of employees they studied are experiencing burnout with a high degree of regularity at significant costs to their health, productivity, and job security, finding that…

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Dallas-Fort Worth Company on the Cutting Edge of Corporate Wellness

The picuture shows a morning panoramic overview of downtown Dallas, where many corporate wellness initiatives are born.

A Dallas-Fort Worth company is among the pack of organizations leading the charge in the buzzing industry of corporate wellness strategies. In recent years, the concept of corporate wellness has undergone a transformation. The practice was once limited to a collection of employee “perks” used to lure prospective executive recruits, or it existed to cut…

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5K Races in Lewisville: Get Moving and Feel Better

Male runner who is wearing a yellow tank top and black shorts is participating in a 5K race near Lewisville Lake while listening to music on smartphone he's carrying in an armband.

Incorporating more exercise into your weekly routine is one of the best ways to boost your physical and mental wellbeing. However, even with the best intentions and resolutions, launching into new exercise endeavors can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it alone. Sometimes we just need a catalyst, something to kickstart our efforts…

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