Meetups in Frisco — Fitness and Community-building Opportunities

Meetup groups are a fantastic way to develop an exercise routine and build a supportive community.

With dozens of fitness-related Meetups within a short distance of Frisco, these groups offer residents many different choices that provide a great deal of flexibility and usually require little financial investment.

If you’re looking for a low-stress, no-obligation way to improve your fitness and start feeling better, we have a few suggestions for you.

Four men wearing athletic gear are standing on a soccer field. The man in the center is holding a soccer ball on his right hip. The men may be part of one of the many Meetups taking place in Frisco.

Ex Gladiators — Friendly Co-ed Pickup Soccer

Sundays, 3 PM

The Sunday “Funday” pickup soccer game takes place at White Rock Lake Park Trail in Plano — a map is available here.

The organizers describe this event as “our weekend pickup game for all.”

Other soccer-related activities take place on other days, with times and locations made available exclusively to group members.

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Preston Plano Runners

Friday mornings, usually 8 AM

A new running group that’s just getting off the ground, the Preston Plano Runners is a social running group for runners of all ability levels.

The group meets at Whole Foods on Preston Road in Plano for their weekly Friday-morning run.

This group is ideal for those who are just breaking into the sport of running and would like to both train and socialize with others during and after the runs.

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PlayYourCourt Plano Tennis

This group describes themselves as a tennis community for everyone, from absolute beginners to high-level players.

It pairs you with evenly skilled local opponents for practice sessions and matches at flexible locations.

Their role is to help you get connected to the local tennis scene, find new practice partners, assist you in scheduling times and places to practice, and help you enjoy a fun workout through this online community.

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Free Consultation at TCT Frisco

If you’ve been struggling to get active again, and are just not feeling like yourself, you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance, such as low testosterone or hypothyroidism.

Testosterone Centers of Texas (TCT) is here to help.

Walk-ins to our Frisco clinic, or to any of our 4 other conveniently located clinics, are welcome.

Your first consultation is free.

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(Augie) Juan Augustine Galindo Jr. MPAS, PA-C started his career in healthcare as a fireman/paramedic in West Texas where he served on the Midland Fire Department from 1998-2004.   He became interested in testosterone treatment after seeing how hormone replacement doctors helped those suffering from low testosterone.   After graduating from the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Physician Assistant Program, he moved to DFW where he currently lives with his wife and three children.

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