Coffee Shops In Lewisville: Get Away From the Daily Grind

When we begin to feel worn down by the daily grind, or when demanding deadlines and piles of unanswered emails start to take their toll, stepping out of our routine and finding a peaceful change of atmosphere can make a big difference in our stress levels.

A local coffee shop can often provide a nice place to work, some low-key music, and a good cup of coffee. This combination can often help us stay productive and restore positive feelings about our daily lives.

A white ceramic coffee mug sits on a small marble table, possibly in a wood-appointed coffee shop in Lewisville.

Great Coffee Shops in Lewisville

If you live in Lewisville, there are a number of coffee shops that can provide a great place to get things done and a positive atmosphere that may help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety.

Coffee Road — Lewisville

310 E Round Grove Rd, Ste 300

Lewisville, TX 75067

(469) 702-6408

With just the right amount of light, laid-back music, Coffee Road — Lewisville offers the atmosphere and fuel you need to get things done away from the usual busy settings.

Two reviewers gave Coffee Road — Lewisville positive reviews for just the things a stressed business person would need:

“Great Vanilla Latte, free WiFi, pastries look delish, and they have sandwiches. The pleasant music was not too loud.”

“The employees are very friendly and nice, and the strawberry honey bread is amazing! Definitely suggest!”

The busy folks who frequent the coffee shops in question know better than anyone what works best.

Locate Coffee Road — Lewisville


The Perc Coffeehouse

115 W Main St

Lewisville, TX 75057

(214) 222-1404

Located near Wayne Ferguson Plaza and across the street from Irene’s Bakery in Old Town Lewisville, the Perc Coffeehouse offers a great place to get things done in a wonderful small town setting.

Its advantages for busy people looking to reduce stress while remaining productive are summed up by these two local reviewers:

“Nice drink options, friendly staff, nice interior decor, and plenty of seating.”

“This is hands down my FAVORITE place to grab a latte and do some work. The ambiance is peaceful but interesting, Mike makes the BEST coffee creations, and the everything is always immaculately clean.”

Read About Perc Coffeehouse Here


Sukoon Coffee & Ice Cream

1288 W Main St, Suite 142

Lewisville, TX 75067

(972) 220-9380

Don’t let the words ice cream in the store name take away from the fact that customers highly recommend Sukoon for its atmosphere, friendly staff, and excellent seating.

“My husband and I came here on a Sunday afternoon. It was quiet with ample seating. They also have free WiFi. The staff is very friendly as well. While we only had coffee, Sukoon offers a variety of ice cream and sandwiches. The music is not too loud, so it’s a place you could easily work from. I would definitely recommend this place, and I will be back.”

“Feel free to taste test the ice cream options before ordering. The interior is well decorated. Furniture is comfortable and stylish. Free wi-fi is available, which makes it a great place to relax or get a little work done. I highly recommend a visit to this place.”

Sukoon Coffee & Ice Cream: Learn More


Finding out from the people who have tried these places is the best way to know if they might work for you, and reviewers have definitely found that the atmosphere in these 3 cafes work well for making progress on that pile of emails while taking a step out of your usual routines — both great ways to reduce some of your daily stress.

The Stress and Hormone Connection Is Often Overlooked

Heavily loads of stress can be harmful to our bodies. Over the long haul, stress can causes fatigue, creates poor eating habits, leaves us with little time or energy for exercise or pleasurable activities, and can result in feelings of depression or anxiety.

Sometimes our bodies respond negatively and produce imbalanced levels of vitally important hormones.

A hormone imbalance (for example low testosterone) can result in an even poorer stress response, both emotionally and physically, with greater symptoms of fatigue, low mood (mild depression), and/or anxiety.

This connection between stress and your hormones is often overlooked.

If you’re concerned about stress levels and how they’re affecting your health, or if you suspect your symptoms are the result low testosterone (or other hormone imbalances), Testosterone Centers of Texas (TCT) can help.

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At TCT, our goal is always to provide the highest standard of treatment to those in our community suffering with low testosterone or hormone imbalance.

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