Fitness Events in Dallas — First Steps to Better Overall Health

While Dallas is rarely mentioned as one of the healthier cities in America, there’s a thriving health and exercise culture that holds regular fitness events throughout the Dallas area. Popular activities include running, cycling, and yoga, among many others.

Many local residents are recognizing the importance of exercise to counter the effects of high-stress jobs, busy schedules, long commutes by car, and too many restaurant meals, all typical aspects of life in the DFW area.

A man in a red jacket and shorts is pictured running against an evening sunset background. He may be preparing for one of the many fitness events in Dallas that will be held in 2018.

These local fitness events throughout the area provide excellent opportunities to enjoy being outdoors, get some physical activity, and develop a community of acquaintances with similar interests.

If you’re in need of injecting some exercise and increased energy levels into your life, these Dallas fitness events could serve as the springboard you need to make some healthy changes.

Hurts Donut Run (Frisco, TX)

Frisco, TX

November 17th, 2018

The 2nd Annual Hurts Donut Run, a 5K (3.11 miles) run with an 80s theme, will spice things up with bands playing live along the course — a free donut will be waiting for you at the end of the run!

Race registration comes with a headband and a T-shirt to commemorate your launch into better fitness.

Hurts Donut Run — Learn More


Dallas Turkey Trot

Dallas City Hall

November 22nd, 2018

A popular event held each Thanksgiving morning for over 50 years, the Dallas Turkey Trot, put on by the YMCA of Dallas, is one of the largest fitness events in the country.

With both 5-kilometer (3.11 miles) and 8-mile courses that wind around the Dallas City Hall Plaza area, you can participate in an event appropriate for your level of fitness while enjoying the family-oriented festivities at the finish line.

All proceeds benefit the YMCA of metropolitan Dallas.

Learn More About the Turkey Trot


BMW Dallas Marathon Weekend

Downtown Dallas

December 8th-9th, 2018

With events for all levels held across the entire weekend, the BMW Dallas Marathon has something for people of all fitness levels. For those just looking to spend time outdoors and enjoy a walk or jog around the Downtown Dallas area, the Saturday events are extremely popular. They include:

  • A 5K race
  • A 10K race

There’s also a 2-mile walk on Saturday for those at the entry fitness level or those with children who’d like to participate as a family. Everyone can get in on the activities.

The Sunday events include:

  • A half marathon race (13.1 miles)
  • A full marathon race (26.2 miles)
  • An ultra Marathon race (50 KM)

There’s also a marathon relay, where a team divides up the full marathon course — it’s a fun way to enjoy the day’s events with friends and coworkers.

BMW Dallas Marathon — Read More


Dallas Bike Ride

Downtown Dallas

November 3rd, 2018

The Dallas Bike Ride is a fitness event put together to celebrate cycling in the Dallas area by hosting a fun, recreational ride for cyclists of all ages and levels held on 20 miles of car-free streets throughout the Downtown Dallas area.

The course provides excellent views of the Dallas skyline and a tour through many historic areas of the city.

There will also be a family-friendly Finish Festival with entertainment, activities, and refreshments suitable for all ages.

Find the Dallas Bike Ride Here


Your Health Matters

When it comes to feeling your best, overcoming stress, and staying productive so you can be fully involved both at work and at home, being in good physical condition is key.

However, hormonal imbalances, like low testosterone and hypothyroidism, rob you of the energy you need to stay active (while simultaneously making your weight harder to control).

Worse yet, as your fatigue and weight control get out of hand, your physical fitness declines, further contributing to the hormone imbalance. It’s a terrible cycle of declining health that can result in a loss of your “normal.”

Making efforts to break that cycle with improved eating habits and more-frequent exercise is a great first step.

When Better Fitness Isn’t Working — Get Your Hormones Checked

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