Flower Mound — Enjoy DFW’s Best Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking around DFW for unique outdoor activities, Flower Mound is the best kept secret in the area.

Located on the northern shores of Grapevine Lake, the City of Flower Mound is home to over 73,000 residents and stretches across Denton and Tarrant Counties.

Beautiful autumn view of a lake, similar to Grapevine Lake — Flower Mound, which is located on Grapevine lake, has plenty of lake-oriented activities this fall.

Conveniently positioned northwest of Dallas and northeast of Fort Worth, it offers convenient access to both downtown areas, as well as to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The City of Flower Mound — Enjoy the Outdoors in Safety and Comfort

Not just a sleepy suburb, Flower Mound offers a number of places to engage in outdoor activities.

1. Grapevine Lake

With numerous parks, trails, and marinas surrounding Lake Grapevine, local residents can find many forms of outdoor enjoyment, including running, cycling, boating, camping, fishing, and hunting.

2. Twin Coves Park and Campground

Twin Coves Park and Campground encompasses 234 acres of hills and meadows overlooking Grapevine Lake. Operated by the City of Flower Mound, the park offers shaded picnic tables, a boat ramp, and a fishing pier — cabin rentals are also available.

Recently reopened in the fall of 2011, Twin Coves Park is still a relatively unknown escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. Floating Water Park

Located in Meadowmere Park, Lake Grapevine’s floating water park is the largest in the state at around 25,000 square feet. You’ll find slides, obstacle courses, and trampolines for kids of all ages.

4. Northshore Trail

Running between Rockledge Park and Twin Coves Park on the north shoreline of Lake Grapevine, this 22.5 mile trail provides off-road cyclists and mountain bikers a place to enjoy their hobby at any skill level, with sections for intermediate-level enthusiasts, as well as technically challenging sections for advanced riders.

The Northshore Trail is maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers and DORBA (Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association) — click here to check current trail conditions.

What if You’re Not Up for Outdoor Fun?

Even though Flower Mound offers so much to do outdoors as summer comes to a close and gives way to more reasonable temperatures, there are hard-working, capable residents who just aren’t able to enjoy all their city has to offer.

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