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The internet is filled with free fitness videos, but finding quality videos can be a struggle. And even if you find some great videos, you might struggle to find videos that are the right fit for you—quite a few free fitness videos are targeted specifically to men or women only. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best free fitness videos available online, for both men and women, all in one place.

Ladies first!

Free Fitness Videos For Women

Fitness videos for women come in about a million different forms, and quite a few of them are just plain garbage. However, we’ve managed to find some of the best that the web has to offer (and most of them only require a mat and a pair of light dumbbells).

Cardio Workout (28 mins)

Jillian Michaels is a staple of the workout industry, and she’s got a lot of great videos (if you don’t mind paying for them). However, she does have a lot of free fitness videos out there. They’re usually part of a series, so you’ll have to pay to get the follow up videos, but this 30 minute shred video is a great way to get some cardio in at home.

For this video, you only need a mat and a couple 2-to-5 pound dumbbells.

Cardio Circuit Training Workout (31 mins)

Popsugar is a producer of free fitness videos on YouTube, and we love how simple they make the workouts (their videos are also really high quality).

This video is a complete circuit training workout requiring a couple 2-to-5 pound dumbbells.

30-Minute Full Body Calorie Burner | Class FitSugar

Inner Thigh Workout (4 mins)

This awesome inner thigh workout requires nothing beyond a mat (and you can probably do it without one). Vitality advocate, creator of this and other free fitness videos, is a nice alternative to some of the larger YouTube channels.

Inner Thigh Workout for Women - 6 Exercises for Thigh Gap

Shoulder, Arms, and Upper Back Workout (9 mins)

Fitness blender has a ton of great free fitness videos (read more about them below).

This video is a nice short workout for shoulders, arms, and upper back, but it does require dumbbells.

Tank Top Arms Workout - Shoulders, Arms & Upper Back Workout

Ab Workout (4 mins)

Cassie Ho is amazing—she has energy, style, and she’s amazing at choosing the perfect music for her free fitness videos! This ab workout requires nothing more than a pillow (and maybe a mat).

3 minute Abs Workout | POP Pilates TURBO

Arm Workout (5 mins)

This video is another one of Cassie Ho’s free fitness videos (an arm workout this time); you only need a mat for this one.

3 minute Toned Arms Workout | POP Pilates TURBO

Legs and Butt Workout (6 mins)

The music might be a little retro, but this legs and butt workout is effective nonetheless. You’ll need a mat, but little else.

KILLER Legs and Booty Home Workout!

Free Fitness Videos — Channels For Women

Blogilates has awesome fitness videos with a host who is fun and knowledgeable at the same time. Cassie Ho just has an amazing vibrancy about her that makes watching her videos entertaining, in addition to being effective. You can watch all her free fitness videos here.

MBB Fitness in Flower Mound, TX is not only a really great women’s gym, but they also have some fantastic short videos perfect for explaining some very specific exercises. Although we love their free fitness videos, it was their blog that really drew us to them in the first place. Check it their blog here, or see all their free fitness videos here.

BeFit is a great resource for a wide variety of videos from many different sources. Here are some of their videos.

Fitness blender is a really high quality YouTube channel. One of the best features of their channel is that their videos are exclusively how-to workout videos. You don’t have to listen to someone spend the first few minutes of the video talking about something other than the exercise you came for—they get right into the workouts.

Their free fitness videos are also clean visually, with very clear instructions that don’t get cluttered by extraneous music (which allows you to listen to your own music while watching the video).

Click here to check out their channel.

Free Fitness Videos For Men

As you might imagine, there are a TON of fitness videos out there for men (and a lot of them are more about the trainers and their ego than about helping you).

Here are the free fitness videos we found most useful (Warning: most of these videos are going to require quite a few dumbbells, if not an entire gym).

Bicep Workout (3 mins)

This brand, i am alpha m., encompasses a lot more than fitness, but their free fitness videos are really high quality, and Aaron is a great host.

This video is short (about 3 minutes), but it’s a really powerful workout for that small amount of time—your biceps will really feel it afterwards!

Five Minute Bicep Workout

Cardio Workout (5 mins)

These guys are great—I love their energy, and they really know what they’re doing when it comes to physical fitness, and they have some truly excellent free fitness videos. Clark and mike of six minute shortcuts are excellent hosts, and they’re great at what they do.

This is a fast (2 to 5 minutes) cardio workout that you can do without a gym. Great for the office or home.

Extreme 2 Min Cardio Workout - M-100s With Clark Shao -- go to

Tricep Workout (12 mins)

Scott Herman has a wide variety of free fitness videos (most of which require a gym), but many of his exercises can be done with a home gym that has dumbbells and a bar.

This 12 minute tricep video requires dumbbells only.

Top 5 Dumbbell Tricep Exercises! Build Muscle & Strength!

Chest Workout (4 mins)

Another video from i am alpha m., this 4 minute chest superset requires a full gym with machines.

Awesome Chest Superset: Quick Workout For A Ripped Chest!

Shoulders and Traps (11 mins)

More from Scott Herman, this is one of his free fitness videos that will require not just a gym, but a partner to spot you (though you might be able to do these exercises with less weight). The video focuses on your shoulder and trapezius muscles.

Dawn Of The Delts! Shoulders & Traps! - Muscle Gain

Leg Workout (5 mins)

More free fitness videos from i am alpha m., this leg workout requires a leg press.

Killer Leg Superset

Another awesome video from 6 pack shortcuts, this superset requires no equipment. It’s also fast, so you can easily do this at home or in the office.

Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout -- Old School Version

Back Workout (7 mins)

This one is going to require a full gym, but it’s worth it. Your back is really going to feel the burn after this workout.


Free Fitness Videos — Channels For Men

If you’re looking for more free fitness videos that are designed specifically for men, this is the video for you—click here to learn about the top fitness YouTube channels for men.

Men’s YouTube channels tend to be much more hit or miss than women’s (in terms of quality), but we really liked these guys. 6 pack shortcuts does a great job of breaking everything down and making it really clear how each workout works.

Click here to check them out.

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If you’re busting your butt in the gym and you’re still having trouble putting on muscle, it could be because you have low testosterone.

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