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Fitness and Nutrition for Hormone Health

Are Vitamins Useless in the Fight Against Low T?

A lemon half which has had half of the pulp removed and then filled with vitamins — useless against Low T.

When it comes to battling low testosterone, are vitamins useless? Yes, and no. Simple questions about our health often come with more complicated answers. Without a doubt, your overall health is critical to hormone production. On their own, however, vitamin pills and over-the-counter supplements are mostly ineffective against clinical hypogonadism (the technical term for low…

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TRT and Diet — Diet and Exercise May Help With Mild Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Slender woman with a tape measure around her waist and fruits and vegetables on the table in front of her — trt diet

If you suffer from clinical hypogonadism (the medical term for low testosterone), you’re likely going to need supplemental testosterone through testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Diet and exercise, while important for your overall health, aren’t going to be enough to elevate your levels into a “normal” or “optimum” range. That said, there are a lot of…

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TRT and Muscle Gains — There’s no Overnight Miracle, but You Can Perform Better

When it comes to gaining muscle, TRT can have a significant effect — learn more.

People are sometimes misinformed and can have unreasonable expectations surrounding Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and muscle gains — it’s important to discuss what treatment through supplemental testosterone is and is not intended to do. Let’s start with what it’s not — TRT is not a shortcut to make defined muscle mass magically appear. Studies have…

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How to Increase Bone Density With the Right Exercise

If you’re a man suffering from chronic low testosterone, you may need to increase bone density to maintain an injury-free, active lifestyle. Your bones’ matrix is broken down during your daily activities, and, if you’re healthy, collagen cells (the building blocks of bone tissue) are filled in to restore and strengthen our skeletal structure through…

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The Best Exercise for Hormonal Imbalance in Women

best exercise for hormonal imbalance

If you’re looking for advice on the best exercise for a hormonal imbalance, there’s a lot of information available to sift through. Trying to make sense of all the health-related information available can be really confusing and frustrating. So, let’s consider some background information before we offer suggestions on specific exercises that can balance your…

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Does Running Increase Testosterone?

Does running increase testosterone? Two men running at sunrise in shadow.

We know that exercise does a lot for our bodies, but does running increase testosterone? It’s almost never a simple answer when we’re talking about hormones. Does Running Increase Testosterone? Exercise Releases a Lot of Hormones Exercise, including running, does so many positive things for our bodies. It controls our weight and improves how we…

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