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Fitness and Nutrition for Hormone Health

Are Vitamins Useless in the Fight Against Low T?

A lemon half which has had half of the pulp removed and then filled with vitamins — useless against Low T.

When it comes to battling low testosterone, are vitamins useless? Yes, and no. Simple questions about our health often come with more complicated answers. Without a doubt, your overall health is critical to hormone production. On their own, however, vitamin pills and over-the-counter supplements are mostly ineffective against clinical hypogonadism (the technical term for low…

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TRT and Diet — Diet and Exercise May Help With Mild Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Slender woman with a tape measure around her waist and fruits and vegetables on the table in front of her — trt diet

If you suffer from clinical hypogonadism (the medical term for low testosterone), you’re likely going to need supplemental testosterone through testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Diet and exercise, while important for your overall health, aren’t going to be enough to elevate your levels into a “normal” or “optimum” range. That said, there are a lot of…

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Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels — Will These 3 Controversial Foods Lower Your Testosterone?

Foods that lower testosterone levels — Herbs mix with tomatoes, lemon and olive oil on the black stone table

When we talk about foods that lower testosterone levels, there’s generally a lot of misconception. People just don’t know what’s true and what’s not true anymore, and that misinformation can be a serious problem. Three foods that often get a bad rap are Hydrogenated oils, Alcohol, and Soy. But, are these foods really as harmful…

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Low Estrogen — Weight Gain After Menopause

Low estrogen and weight gain — measuring tape on a scale

Low estrogen and weight gain are definitely associated with each other (for women, anyway). (By the way, if you want to learn more about the symptoms of low estrogen in men, read our article here.) For most women who have normal estrogen levels throughout life, this doesn’t really become an area of concern until menopause…

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Testosterone and Diet — How to Regulate Your Testosterone Levels With the Food You Do (and Don’t) Eat

Testosterone and diet — diet plan next to a salad, apple, and measuring tape on wooden background

Though testosterone and diet are connected, and though you can, to an extent, regulate your hormone levels through dietary choices, I want to make something really clear: If you suffer from clinically diagnosed low testosterone, a form of hypogonadism, it is unlikely that dietary choices are going to return your hormone levels to normal. It…

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