Does Sucralose Damage DNA?

A jar of white powder, possibly sucralose or other artificial sweetener sits on a white surface with a wooden spoon on top.

Sucralose, a synthetic sweetener marketed under the brand name Splenda, has gained popularity as a calorie-free alternative to sugar. It’s commonly used in a variety of food and beverage products, from diet sodas to sugar-free desserts.  Sucralose has been deemed safe for consumption by regulatory agencies such as the FDA and EFSA. However, concerns have…

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How Does My Diet Affect My Testosterone?

A happy couple are chopping vegetables for a salad. The man stands behind the woman, and she feeds him salad over her left shoulder. He's eating healthy hoping a better diet will help his testosterone.

Many people are looking for a way to treat their low testosterone symptoms without seeking medical intervention. Diet and exercise would seem like a logical way to naturally increase testosterone levels. That’s exactly what the fitness news, popular health culture, and the nutrition industries would like you to believe—that it’s a simple fix. However, the…

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Do Testosterone Boosters Work?—Choose Research Over Marketing

A muscular man's torso with his left arm outstretched can be seen. In his outstretched hand, he is holding a number of pills that could be testosterone boosters.

On the shelves of a health store, fitness supplement store, or online marketplace, you’ve undoubtedly seen the testosterone boosters for sale—supplements promising a natural route to raising testosterone levels, boosting muscle mass, and increasing sex drive. But do these OTC testosterone boosters work? It’s always recommended you go with science over marketing, and research shows…

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Low Testosterone and Inflammatory Foods: A New Study Supports the Connection

A dietician writes in a notebook near a bowl of vegetables. Scientists are studying the connection between low testosterone and inflammatory foods.

Inflammation has a bad reputation, but it is an important contributor to your body’s natural defense system. Inflammation is your body at work, either protecting itself from illness or promoting healing when injured. However, the link between chronic, sustained inflammation found in various parts of the body and a variety of serious health issues is well…

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