DFW’s Rock Climbing Gyms

Rock climbing can be a great way to meet your health and fitness goals, and it provides a break from the usual gym workouts.

Most gyms provide the necessary equipment for working out, but typical gym routines can sometimes get stale. Instead, visit a rock climbing gym and have some fun while you work out.

A man with short hair and a beard wearing black athletic gear climbs a colorful artificial climbing wall. Rock climbing has become a popular sport in DFW.

The DFW area has plenty of gyms to choose from, ranging from top-rope climbing, which requires you to be in a harness, to bouldering, which is done with no harness or ropes. Both are equally enjoyable, and they provide a satisfying, full-body workout.

Many rock climbing gyms provide classes to get you up to speed on safety and the basics. This may even be a gateway into the wider sport of rock climbing, but for now, here are some rock climbing gyms in the DFW area you can check out today.

Canyon Climbing Gym

7164 Technology Dr # 202

Frisco, TX 75033

(214) 872-2992

The Canyon Climbing Gym has high ceilings and multiple walls — it has one side for top-rope climbing and another for bouldering.

Those who want to participate in top-rope climbing must have a harness, which is available to rent, and must understand how to belay. This gym offers day passes, gear rentals, and memberships.

If you want to introduce friends or family members to this sport, this gym offers group rates. If you’re put off by the learning curve, don’t be, because they have classes to get you up to speed.

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North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center

1003 4th Avenue

Carrollton, TX 75006

(972) 446-0105

The North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center has an interesting twist on rock climbing. Instead of climbing walls in a traditional gym, holds are placed on the inside of a historic silo.

Before you can climb, you will need to learn how to properly belay. They offer classes every 30 minutes.

A day pass with equipment is $20, and they also offer different membership passes if you decide to come back. While this isn’t the only rock climbing location in the area, its unique “climb-the-inside-of-a-silo” attraction is something you won’t want to miss.

It’s also located in the downtown historic area of Carrollton, which is filled with great restaurants and other activities suitable for the whole family.

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Summit — Denton

220 W Oak St

Denton, TX 76201

(940) 808-1107

Summit has 5 locations all over DFW: Denton, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Carrollton, and Dallas. A 6th location is opening soon in Plano. Summit gyms offer top-rope climbing walls, bouldering walls, yoga classes, and a fitness area.

Each gym offers several classes, such as the climbing 101 class, which is designed to teach you the basics of bouldering or top-rope climbing. Once you know the basics, you can tackle the walls at your own pace.

The Denton gym has recently bought the building next door and is planning to expand soon. They plan to open a fitness center that provides a traditional gym experience inside a rock climbing gym.

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