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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women — Testosterone for Hormone Balance

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When we mention the term hormone replacement therapy, women think “estrogen.” That’s not surprising because, when it comes to hormone replacement therapy for women, almost all the publicity surrounding symptoms and treatment of female hormone imbalance is focused there. A lot is written about the female sex hormones — estrogen and progesterone — because their fluctuations…

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women — It’s Not Just for Men Anymore

When we mention testosterone replacement therapy for women, many people do a double-take — it’s as though we’ve said something contradictory. Of course, estrogen and progesterone are drastically affected by age-related menopausal change, so they are most often associated with women’s hormone imbalances — rightly so, since every woman will eventually go through that physical…

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Treatment for Perimenopause — Not Just Estrogen?

Are you wondering if you may need treatment for perimenopause? Perimenopause is the slow transition into full menopause. Estrogen production by the ovaries begins to fluctuate and slow, and, eventually, levels fall sharply. Those notorious hot flashes, mood swings, and irritability may begin to make more frequent appearances. There is no single event or sudden…

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Side Effects of Testosterone Injections in Women

side effects of testosterone injections in women

What are the side effects of testosterone injections in women? First, it is important to establish a baseline understanding of side effects and medical treatment. Every form of medical intervention comes with possible side effects and inherent risks. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not an exception. Minimizing Side Effects of Testosterone — Injections in Women (and…

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How to Decrease Testosterone in Females

Let’s discuss how to decrease testosterone in females. If you’re worried that your testosterone is too high, you’re probably wondering how to decrease your testosterone. In females, only 1/10th of the testosterone of the average man is produced, but you can still experience high testosterone levels — levels that are above normal for your sex…

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Low Testosterone in Women: Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

One of the most debilitating hormone deficiencies out there is low testosterone in women, symptoms of which range much more widely than you probably think. Testosterone has long been used to help women with a particular set of symptoms associated with a particular problem—sexual dysfunction following menopause or surgery. While sexual dysfunction is certainly a…

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